10 Causes of High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) You Should Know

High Blood Pressure

Doctors call high blood pressure nothing more than a silent killer because it leads to many dangerous diseases. With prolonged high pressure, the walls of the vessels become thicker; circulation of blood gets disrupted, which can lead to heart failure. 

There are many ways to relieve hypertension, but first of all, you need to determine the causes of this disease. Thus, in this article, we will provide you with major causes of hypertension to help you know more about it.

Major Causes of Hypertension

Here are some causes of hypertension; knowing about them may help you avoid them.

  • Heredity

Hypertension is a disease that is often inherited. If a person has someone in the family suffering from high blood pressure, then there is a high probability that he, too, may have problems with heart and blood vessels. In this case, preventing hypertension is more difficult, and you should be more careful in avoiding the dangerous factors of this disease.

  • Obesity and Unhealthy Diet

Eating a diet high in fat and salt can increase your risk of high blood pressure. Likewise, obesity can put stress on the heart and increase the risk of early complications. Therefore, it is important to optimize your daily diet as soon as possible. 

And switch to a healthy diet to reduce the amount of fat and sodium in your body. Natural drinks with sourness are capable of lowering blood pressure. These include cranberry or viburnum fruit drink, lemon tea, and dry table wine (no more than a glass a day).

  • Bad Habits

These habits, like smoking, taking drugs, and alcohol, do not lead to anything good and are strong factors for high blood pressure. Smoking is one of the main causes of heart disease, as nicotine narrows the inner diameter of blood vessels, causing the arteries to harden. Another element in cigarette smoke is carbon monoxide, which displaces oxygen from the blood, which increases pressure on the heart. 

Without exception, all drugs negatively affect the body, disabling all of its systems. They can raise blood pressure and lead to serious cardiovascular disease. When a person consumes alcohol, the blood vessels dilate, and the blood rushes to the brain intensively. But soon, the vessels begin to narrow, and this increases the pressure. Those who have a predisposition to hypertension should stop drinking alcohol. 

Thus, if anybody among your family or friends is suffering from hypertension, you should really stop them from consuming alcohol. Excessively drinking alcohol can be fatal for them. If you really care for them, help them become sober. You can learn about how to help an alcoholic friend from online guides, which are available for everyone.

  • Lack Of Physical Activity

Lack of physical activity can be a real disaster for those with high blood pressure. People who do not play sports are often overweight, which complicates the work of the heart. Regular physical activity is recommended for hypertensive patients to control weight better and increase metabolism. 

In addition, physical inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle provoke back pain, which can gradually develop into osteochondrosis. Due to the frequent tension of the neck and back, vasospasm occurs, and the nutrition of the brain deteriorates.

  • Increased Blood Sugar

High sugar levels can have a very negative effect on blood pressure. Sugar is even more harmful to the heart and the rest of the body than salt. In this case, a dietary recommendation for combating hypertension is to reduce the number of sweets in the daily diet. It is important for those with diabetes to have their blood sugar checked regularly and to use the medications prescribed by the doctor.

  • Heart And Vascular Diseases 

One of the most common causes of high blood pressure is heart and vascular disease. If there is the first suspicion of hypertension, then it is worth going through all the examinations (analyzes, ECG, ultrasound) of the vessels. Even with minor damage to them, a person can often have high blood pressure.

 In such cases, the arteries narrow in diameter due to bad cholesterol, as a result of which blood flow gets disturbed and pressure increases. It is important to be examined in a timely manner to choose the right treatment and medication.

  • Strong Snoring

If breathing is interrupted or disturbed during sleep, the level of oxygen in the body drops. The brain then sends signals through the nervous system to increase the volume of air in the heart and brain. This process affects the blood vessels. 

Frequent drops in blood oxygen levels and decreased sleep quality trigger the suppression of the stress hormone that controls heart rate. This increases the risk of hypertension. In case of severe snoring, which threatens the health, a person should use special devices (mouthpieces) for sleep.

  • BPA (Bisphenol A)

The chemical element BPA is found in plastic bottles and cans. It gets into drinks, as well as food products with prolonged interaction with them. Due to its toxicity, it provokes a large number of diseases, including heart problems and high blood pressure. 

Studies have proven the direct effect of Bisphenol A on the development of hypertension. Thus, it is necessary, if possible, to avoid the use of food and drinks packed in plastic containers. When serving dishes, it is advisable to use porcelain, earthenware, or glass dishes.

  • Hot Baths And Saunas

The heat from hot baths and saunas causes the blood vessels to dilate. People with high blood pressure should be extremely careful with these procedures. Before visiting the sauna, they should definitely consult with their doctor. It is advisable for hypertensive patients always to monitor the temperature around them.

  • Pain Medications

If a person often takes pain medications, then, in addition to stomach problems, he can also develop hypertension. Those who have a predisposition to high blood pressure should be especially careful with such drugs. According to research studies, pain medications, as well as certain contraceptives and steroids, often cause hypertension.

Take Away

We are hopeful that this article will have helped you know more about the major causes of hypertension. Educating oneself regarding such dangerous health problems can help a person improve eating habits and lifestyle for longer life.