10 Fashion Trends that are making their mark this year

Fashion Trends

Every once in a while, I receive emails from total fashion noobs. People who were never interested in winning at the style game feel inspired and want to improve their fashion sense. Perhaps ’cause they found a special someone, a new job, or simply wish to reach their self-actualization goals.

Your initial dives in the field will tell you about complexity. You would find yourself surrounded by a zillion unspoken rules and way too many options. 

Before you jump out and switch to the old, boring wardrobe staples – stop!

This blog might be the read you need to up your fashion game. It provides a list of various trends that are making a mark this year. 

Drill these in your brain, work on these, and you could end up being the show stopper at every party this year!

2021 Trends for Men

Masculine fashion also keeps varying each year. Here are some trends we expect to notice this year:

The Bomber

The bomber jacket is a timeless fashion attire that every man should own. It is a classic jacket that comes in a variety of styles and works for multiple occasions. It isn’t only fashionable but versatile too. The typical features of a bomber jacket include cuffed sleeves, a front-zip closure, a defined neckline, and a variety of colors. 

The choice of colors is too wide when it comes to this style. You can opt for olive, burgundy, or classic black. Each pair looks best with basics like denim jeans and a white crew-neck shirt.

Tropical Shirts

None of the clothing items represents summer, spring, and endless days of sunshine than the tropical shirts. However, it doesn’t mean you should be sporting tourist-style shirts you bought on your last trip to Hawaii. Instead, you can maintain the Retro feel of a classic tropical shirt with versions that have a modern twist.

You can go for a flattering slim-fit or a wider camp version. Dress it up with a blazer for work and even for a date. The prints are usually loud, so something minimal will balance the overall outfit. Think white sneakers, slim-fit jeans, and black chinos. 

Effortless Suits

It is surprising how mens’ suits styles are dynamic as life itself. This summer, we have noticed effortless suits being all the rage for their casual aura. Summers are synonymous with well-being. And so you can put aside the formal suit, replace it with the simple version to wear at random hang out with friends. 

This version highlights comfort. It was noted in linen at Botter and Lemaire this year. Grab the highly trending bags to go with these suits if you are wearing these at your workplace.

Biker Jackets

Biker jackets are essential with a slim fit and have an asymmetrical zip closure. This is why they are also called asymmetrical jackets. The collars are in the lapel style, studded with buttons, and it also has shoulder epaulettes. It has zipped cuffs and a belt at the waist to snug it on the body. 

The most popular color of biker jackets is black. But you will also find some wearing it in brown and rocking the look. These are the staple wardrobe pieces for motorcyclists since the times unknown. Yet, in the modern era, men wear it as their everyday essentials and manage to look incredibly handsome.

2021 Trends for Women

Compared to the neutral looks of 2020, this year, we have noticed fresher and bolder looks showcasing in women’s fashion. Let us scan all the trends that will stay atop this year:

Hoodies under blazers

The laid-back pairing of a hoodie with a blazer is super easy to put together. It helps you look chic and prepared for any event throughout the day. Be it a conference at work or a sudden plan with your girlfriends – this look enables you to maintain a strong style game all day. 

Look for a tapered and slim hoodie, preferably in dark colors, like black. Pair it with a solid blazer in any color. Next, opt for denim or slacks, whatever you are comfy in. And bring a carefree vibe to your appearance by slipping into casual white athletic shoes. 

Oversized Bomber Jackets

Believe it or not – plus-size leather jackets have been in almost every fashion magazine this year. Gone are the days when jackets were supposed to be slim-fit and sleek. We have noted loose-fit being a massive hit this year.

Bomber jackets rest loosely on the hip unless you have opted for the cropped style. The clingy cuffs shouldn’t move beyond the wrists, regardless of the fit. But the cuffs should be relatively tight, so it hangs loose on your hands. 

The hues in oversized bomber jackets are usually the same neutrals. Nonetheless, you could lift the entire attire with keeping overall aesthetics in line.

Boiler Suits

With its effortless throw-and-go appeal, the boiler suit style is popular once more. It is the perfect look for this year as we try to stay casual yet chic, no matter the social or non-social setting. It would be a versatile addition to your wardrobe. You can style it with boots and heels or dress down with sneakers. 

Beloved by celebs like Hadid sisters Irina Shayk and Giambattista, a boiler suit could be your swiftest route to utility chic. 

Puff Sleeves

Puffed Sleeves has had a range of iterations and continues to return season after season. It has presented itself in variations like the Juliet, the balloon, the leg-of-mutton, and so much more.

If you were not sure whether you should opt for these sleeves, now is the time to try them out. As for colors, you could opt for colour-pop brights or summer-ready checks. The monochrome blacks and crisp white styles are also quite cool when matched with the right pieces.

Parting Note

The best trend to adopt is the one that makes you feel comfortable in your skin. As the designers, we suggest looking to social media, youth trends, and street styles to make your picks for the next season. 

We hope this was the dose you needed to up your fashion game. Good Luck! ☺

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