3 belongings that should always survive a declutter


The act of getting rid of your clutter and owning fewer possessions has boomed in the last few years as new books, documentaries, and TV shows tell everyone the importance of getting rid of the things that no longer bring you joy or for which you no longer have any real need. 

It is, of course, very normal to want your home to feel a little lighter, and decluttering is a great way to do this.

However, there are certain things that should always survive the decluttering process, and here are just a few. 

  • Anything that reminds you of a loved one

While decluttering and living in a more minimalistic fashion has many benefits, it can easily feel a bit detached when it comes to your personal belongings. At the core of the message, it’s not about having as little as possible but instead is focused on only having what matters to you or has true value. 

With that being said, anything that conjures great memories of a loved one should certainly stay. From photos to cremation urns, there are so many items in your home that are meant to remind you of that person when you see them. There is certainly nothing wrong with keeping hold of them.

  • Food

Unless it’s gone off, food should really never be thrown away as part of a decluttering session. Not only is this incredibly wasteful, but if you still want it out of your kitchen space, there is also a much better way of getting rid of food: eating it.

Finding a new recipe that includes the food you want to be rid of can not only allow you to be done with it sooner but may also give you some new meal inspiration.

If you don’t want to eat it, donating food is also a great idea and can really help someone in need.

  • Unread books

Books can take up a lot of shelving space, and once you’ve read them, they can be a great addition to the donation pile if you don’t want to reread them, that is.

Though books you’ve read may be fine to get rid of, removing an unread book from your space can be a wasted opportunity. Whether you bought that book with the intention of reading it at one point or it was a gift from a loved one with your interests in mind, it’s likely that you will enjoy reading it.

While these books that have barely been opened may still be destined for donation, reading them before you give them away will not only mean you are going longer without buying more but also means that each book that leaves your home has served its purpose.

Clearing out your home can leave you feeling happier and can give you much more space. There are certainly reasons why it’s so popular. You shouldn’t be throwing away everything, though, as it can really defeat the purpose. Some things should always survive a declutter.