3 Benefits Of A Zoned HVAC Unit In Your Florida Home

3 Benefits Of A Zoned HVAC Unit In Your Florida Home

When summer hits your Port Richey home in Florida, it may be difficult to keep the room temperatures balanced. Some of them may feel draughty while the others too hot, uncomfortable, and stifling. Whether you have a living room that receives the direct heat and never feels cool or a bedroom that is too cold, you are at a loss to understand how to stabilize room temperatures uniformly. The problem arises from your outdated HVAC unit that uses a single thermostat to control the temperature. So if you want to use a zoned system, get it installed by an AC repair professional in your Port Richey home. Why opt for it? With a zoning unit, you can regulate the temperature in all the rooms. Here are three of the most important benefits:

  1. Improves Indoor Air Quality

When your AC unit gets older, it becomes increasingly difficult for it  to filter the air contaminants like dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen, and mold. However, when you have a zoned system set up, it will not allow these pollutants to float in the air. Besides, it will not allow too much of air to circulate to and from different parts of your house. When you install a ductless unit, it will improve your home’s air quality manifold than conventional systems that have dampers in the ductwork. The impurities like dust, pet droppings, and mold can collect in the ductwork, adversely affecting indoor air. However, the ductless zoning systems help you to save on your monthly energy bills. That is because they do not let cold air escape via the duct leaks. Besides, zoning units prevent dust buildup on your furniture, keeping the air dirt-free and fresh, making home cleaning a breeze.

  1. Makes Your Home Comfortable

If you want to set your bedroom temperature a little colder than your living area, a zoned HVAC unit is your best bet. You can determine how cold your room should feel during the hot, humid days in Florida. If you cannot bear the sweltering heat during the day while watching TV in your living room, all you need to do is adjust the thermostat to reach the desired temperature. You can change the temperature in your room instead of the entire house. This way, there will be no disagreements between your family members about different temperature settings. Nor there will be arguments about hot and cold spots. Opt for a zoned AC unit that comes with a remote control for more comfort and convenience. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can change the temperature in different zones and modify the settings on your AC model right from your PC or smartphone.

  1. Improves System Durability

Zoned systems depreciate at a slower rate than traditional systems, and as a result,  work more efficiently during the hot summer months. When you have a programmable thermostat in place, you can turn your AC off when leaving for work or a long vacation. These advanced systems also remind you when to replace the air filters for enhanced cooling efficiency. We recommend that you install a zoned AC unit that can measure the humidity levels in your home as well as monitor the air circulation. It will help you maintain the system and prevent issues before they are out of your control.

If you are contemplating an AC upgrade, hire an AC repair professional in Port Richey to install a zoning system. If you happen to live in a sprawling home with multiple levels, this upgrade will help you live more comfortably. With a zoned system, you can control the temperature in all parts of your home.