3 Questions asked by sales team on sales enablement

Sales enablement

Sales enablement

Sales teams have an essential responsibility of onboarding the leads as customers. Since the marketing team will be a vital enabler in this process, this synergy between the two teams needs to be at an elevated level. A sales enablement tool will help improve the level of communication and coordination between these teams for maximum impact.

When you start laying the groundwork for adopting a sales enablement tool, the sales team is bound to have some questions in mind. Some of the common questions asked to include – 

1 – Can I get a deeper understanding of the sales enablement strategy? 

Though it is a complex question, it is worth putting time on to help answer the question. It will also elicit a favorable buy-in towards adopting the tool.   

2 – How will this new change influence my role?

Every sales rep will be interested to know how the sales enablement platform will impact his position in the company. It is essential to clearly state how it will change the profiles and responsibilities of field reps, inside sales reps, sales ops, and sales management. 

3 – How will it affect my team?

Sales enablement achieves better coordination between the marketing and sales teams. There is bound to be a change in the roles of some team members and adherence to new protocols and processes. It is vital to drill down the best practices and role changes and its benefits, to ensure greater buy-in from the team members. 

To sign off

These were some pertinent questions asked by the sales team about a sales enablement platform. A unique and scalable tool like Crescendo is well-positioned to take your sales and marketing functions to a new height of success. It has the features and functionality to let both the teams work in tandem towards a common goal of a successful conversion.

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