5 easy things you can do to expand business in this pandemic

expand your business

The year 2020 started on a high note with unemployment going down and markets blooming. But unfortunately, the novel coronavirus did a number on the year which turned worst real fast.

Suddenly, markets collapsed, businesses wrapped up for good, people lost a job or found themselves working from home with substantial salary cuts, and children started going to virtual school. For five long months, most businesses were not operating, which led to an economic depression. While some businesses bloomed in this crisis, others suffered mercilessly. And now that world economy is opening up it is time for all businesses to gear up and think about expanding and growing your business.

It is not a ruse; you can expand your business even during the pandemic. All you need to do is make sure to follow these simple steps.

  1. Start looking for buyers

To sell your service/product, people often make a sales pitch to sell it to them, but now is the time to start looking for buyers.

 A buyer is a person who needs a product in real-time to improve or grow their business. These are the customers who can help you grow your business in a pandemic.

Before you approach them, do your research and ensure that you are honest and clear about your goals. Also, figure out the best way to approach the customer and help them? Never make contact without proper details.

  1. Do extra for your staff

In this challenging time, your staff and employees have been trying their best to persevere. It is their hard work that is keeping a business afloat. So, to truly expand a business, you need customers, and a customer is watching how you treat your employees.

If you ill-treat your staff, don’t expect the customers to stick around. Not only does extra like giving their salaries on time or so, helps them, but it also provides you with a positive reputation and loyal employees and customers.

  1. Make use of social media

Social media is a perfect tool for making connections and growing the audience base even in simpler times. With pandemic, its importance is even greater. You don’t need to go out and meet people in their office.

You can conduct a meeting using zoom or skype call. It is all about creating a connection, and social media is providing you with that platform.

Also, keep interacting with your customers using other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Not only do you grow an audience by uploading content related to new products. You can and should provide information related to the virus and how to be safe. With the help of tools like Canva, designing visuals that appeal to the masses won’t be difficult.

  1. Pay attention to the value

A lot of people are suffering financially. So, they might cut back on buying, and it will affect your sales. Thus, continue to provide them with value-adding products or services. It will keep you in their mind when they are ready to start buying again.

  1. Don’t stockpile in the name of the pandemic

To grow a business using the pandemic is never a great idea. You may earn more by increasing your prices now, but it will damage your reputation in the long run. So, be ethical in your approach.

To conclude, these tips can help you grow your business in this challenging time. But the most important thing to note here is that supporting other businesses and running an ethical and honest profession is the need of the hour. So, never turn a wrong leave to earn money, now is the time to stand united and improve the economy of every person who works for us.

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