5 Essential Tools That All Plumbing Businesses Should Invest In

5 Essential Tools That All Plumbing Businesses Should Invest In

There’s a constant demand for plumbing, so starting a business in the industry can feel like a great idea. To find success, you will need to have the right tools on your side, but knowing what to invest in straight away can be challenging. We’ve put together this list of essential tools for all plumbing businesses to help you out. 


A smartphone likely isn’t the first tool you thought of for plumbing, but it’s become an essential tool for connecting with customers, managing admin, and tracking tasks. For example, a smartphone will allow you to use job management software for your plumbing business, which lets you schedule tasks, manage payments, and much more. 

When choosing a smartphone, it’s best to choose a robust model that will withstand the daily grind of plumbing. If your smartphone does get damaged or lost, you need to replace it easily. Therefore, avoid high-end models like the iPhone or the latest-addition Samsung Galaxy. 

Blockage Removal Tools

Blocked pipes are one of the most common customer issues, so it pays to have ways to deal with them quickly. After all, the faster you can complete a plumbing job – while maintaining quality – the more customers you’ll have for repeat trade. 

There are different types of blockage removal tools including powered and manual, and they’ll both do the job well. On the manual side, a hand-cranked auger will do the trick. Whereas, in the powered removal tools category, a snake machine will enhance job efficiency. 

Wrenches and Cold Saws

The wrench is a plumber’s best friend because it lets them deal with any joint they come across. However, you’ll need to make sure they have a wrench that’s suitable for each task. The different types of wrenches include: 

  • Basin wrenches. 
  • Adjustable wrenches. 
  • Tap wrenches. 
  • Fixed-pipe wrenches. 

As well as fitting pipes together, some of them will need cutting, which is why all plumbers will need a cold saw. The reason a powered cold saw works better than a manual is that it won’t leave frayed edges on pipes. 

Applicator Guns and Torches

We’ve already established that plumbers need to have wrenches and cold saws to fit and manipulate piles, but that only works for certain types of fixtures. In some cases, a plumber will need a torch to create seals. As well as this, a portable soldering iron will be helpful when it comes to working with metal. 

Safety Gear

Plumbing comes with a set of hazards that need managing to avoid injuries. Therefore, you will need to carry out a full risk assessment and determine what type of safety gear will be needed. Typically, a plumber will have full protective gloves and goggles, which will keep them safe when using tools. 

Plumbers need a large repertoire of tools to complete tasks to a high standard, but you may not be in a position to afford them all when you’re first starting out. Therefore, we recommend just focusing on those discussed above.

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