5 Factors to Consider for Proper Air Conditioning Setup

5 Factors to Consider for Proper Air Conditioning Setup

Is the scorching heat of the bright yellow sun devouring your spirits in summers? You step into your room from a rough, hot day dealing with excessive heat and you find out that in the absence of an air conditioning system your room doesn’t provide any more solace other than just obstructing the direct sunlight. And, during summers, ceiling fans seem to radiate and redirect all the hot air directly into your face and body. It becomes unbearable.  The intensity of the mind-boggling heat seeps in through the walls of your room and makes the air inside unbearable with intense heat and unfathomable discomfort. There’s really no comfort in such rooms. There’s just no way around but to consider the option of installing an air conditioning system.

Air conditions are of prime importance and necessity in the sweltering heat of the summers. It is sometimes too dangerous to leave the windows open as loo blows incessantly during summers. There are lots of options available for air conditioning system to choose from. However, irrespective of your choice, the biggest problem you are going to face is the setup of the air conditioning system. A correct and proper installation gives you a smooth and optimum cooling experience, but if it is not done properly, the desired cooling effect and intensity is impossible to acquire. Moreover, incorrect installations might damage your air conditioner eventually causing you unnecessary expenses.

Here, we take you through several factors which should be considered while installing a new air conditioning system.

  • The outdoor unit of the air conditioner should be in the open space if possible, on the terrace which would apparently be the best option. This is suggested so that the air can freely flow over the compressor of the air conditioner and its condenser giving the best air conditioning. A wide practice is to keep it on the sunsets in the wall or on the awning above the wall. It can also be hanged giving an extra support in angles from the exterior. The outdoor unit’s location should also be convenient for maintenance works of the compressor, condenser and other parts which would also make installation of gas an easier task.
  • An adequate height from the ground is extremely important for proper and optimum air conditioning. If the air conditioner is not placed at a proper height, it will not work as efficiently as it should thus you won’t feel comfortable in the room. Either too high or too low, makes the use of air conditioner worthless giving you regret of buying air conditioner in the first place. A standard height of 7-8 feet above the ground is advised for adequate and proper cooling of the room. Don’t alter the height of the air conditioner; else you might not get what you bought it for.
  • Alright, you now have a fair idea of both the indoor and the outdoor unit. But, one major important thing to keep in mind is the distance between the indoor and outdoor unit. To understand this, let us bring in some science. The coolant flows inside the copper tubes between indoor and outdoor units. There is always some cooling effect loss to the air outside. So, to minimize the loss, the distance between indoor and outdoor unit should be minimum. In other words, better air conditioning is directly proportional to the distance between the indoor and outdoor units. The maximum distance allowed is 15 meters.
  • It must be noted that the indoor unit is placed in such a position where it can be easily accessed so that it would be convenient for anyone to clean the filter at frequent intervals, say, once in two weeks. And, it also helps to manually change the blades of the air conditionereasily. If the indoor unit is above a window, it must be made sure that is in symmetry with the window else it can disrupt the aesthetics of the room giving it a shabby appearance.
  • Correct tilt of indoor unit is also very important. While fixing the air conditioneron the wall, it must be taken care of that the bracket has a slight tilt angle. This is done to ensure that the indoor unit, when fitted also follows the same tilt angle, for an unrestricted flow of the drainpipe’s condensed water.

As discussed, air conditioning in summers is indispensable. And to make sure, you get the best of what you paid for, keep in mind the above points explicitly which will completely enhance your cooling experience giving you maximum returns and comfort.