5 Things to Consider While Booking a Crewed Yacht Charter

5 Things to Consider While Booking a Crewed Yacht Charter

Planning an on-water holiday? This is a dream ocean adventure for many. 

The five things we have listed in this article will make booking Florida yacht charters stress-free for you.  

The Process

One of the options you have is working with a broker. Other options are websites comparing yacht charter service providers. Visit one of these websites and check what customers have to say about them. Also learn about the type of yacht you need.  The charter company will provide you with all the details, allowing you to find the right fit. So, let us help you in making an informed decision. 

Choose A Crewed Yacht Charter Service Provider

A good crewed yacht charter service provider always makes sure that you feel comfortable to provide your input. Read and compare online ratings and reviews to choose a specialist. Try to avoid working with a company that ties to specific charter yachts. Work with a company offering you complete details of a whole range of options. An experienced and very competent specialist should ensure you feel confident about your booking. 

Choose The Yacht 

The specialist has already told you about the different types of yachts they have to offer. There are different yacht sizes, types, styles & categories.   

Following are the general types of yachts:

  • Sailing yacht 
  • Motor yacht 
  • Gulet Yacht 
  • Cruiser, Express Cruiser, cabin cruiser, open yacht 
  • Luxury Yacht 
  • Sports yacht 
  • Catamaran yacht 

Yachts come in two sizes: 

  • Superyachts (typically 24 meters and above)
  • Megayachts (typically over 80 meters) 

Following are yacht style categories: 

  • Classic motor yacht 
  • Sedan 
  • Flybridge 
  • Daybridge 
  • Open or Enclosed 
  • Downeast style 
  • Pilothouse 
  • Sky Lounge 
  • Cockpit Motor Yacht
  • Sportfish or sport fishing Yacht 
  • Convertible 
  • SUV
  • Tri-Decks
  • Expedition Yachts

You don’t need to learn everything about yacht types, sizes and style categories. Just tell the specialist about the vacation and experience you want. They will help you in choosing the right type, size and style category. 

Fill Out Paperwork 

Once you have selected the right crewed yacht charter for the dates you want, it’s time to sign the contract to reserve the yacht. Booking a yacht charter is not as simple as reserving a villa or a plane ticket. The specialist draws up a contract and explains all the details. Read the contract carefully before you  sign. For most of the yacht charter service providers, a deposit is required. 

Preparing To Travel

The crew will prepare the vessel for you according to your preferred food, wine and activities. The captain will make sure that the vessel is provisioned according to your preferences. 

Enjoy your vacation  

Once you are on your way, the captain and crew are always there to answer your questions about meals  and activities. Discuss your plans in advance and bon voyage!

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