5 Things You Need to Keep in Mind While Designing Strut Cards

Strut Cards

Strut cards can come in handy as a great marketing tool. Their appeal includes the fact that they are convenient, engaging and also very enticing when done correctly. But the question here is that how can you create a strut card that is going to work for you and your business? So we have devised for you our top five tips that will help you in understanding better the process of designing a strut card.

  1. Drawing Attention: Unlike the Z card, Strut cardsare actually not designed to give you tons of information (we have brochures and leaflets for that really!) Strut cards now are primarily used to draw your customer’s attention in the most-snappy and creative manner. Hence, the usage of bright and bold colours is one of the best methods to allow your strut card standout. You should never be afraid of keeping the design simple, as that is one of the most effective ways to design a strut card. It is a wise old saying when it comes to the business world, that if it looks good, it will sell itself, hence when it comes to strut card design, this philosophy reigns supreme.
  2. Size and Shape Matters: Even though you might feel like that is the case, however not all strut cards come in just a single size. There are a lot of varieties, different shapes and sizes that you can choose from. If you truly like to think outside the box and want to mirror that idea in your product or other services, you can go for something which is a little bit different. For example, you can design a box-shaped strut card, as you can see it from various angles, which makes it a lot more effective. It has always been assessed that the impact of a strut card, depends a lot on how you design its size and shape according to your design needs. Hence, you must take care of picking out the right shape and size for your strut card, if you want your message to be as effective as possible.
  3. The Colour Scheme: As it is with most marketing material, colour plays a vital role, just like it does for Foamex Board printing. In fact, it is even more important due to the size of a strut card. Of course, it might not possess the ability to make an impact like a banner or a Z card does, hence, it’s so important that the colour and design of your strut card is unique, appropriate and tailored to your customer’s needs. A bright colour definitely demands attention, so the bolder the colour the more chances your strut card has in making itself seen and known. Keeping the design in tandem with your colour scheme make sure that you achieve maximum impact, hence pay close attention to these aspects.
  4. The Text: The text and font that is used in a strut card, needs to be on a minimal end of the spectrum. Since there is not too much space to provide a lot of information, therefore, the text that you use throughout your strut card needs to be concise and to the point, which can grab the attention of potential customers. Strut Cards these days are used to offer discounts, so you need to make sure that your strut card stands out, by making sure that focus is really on the discount percentage that your strut card is talking about. Sometimes people make the mistake of picking out a font that is too ornate, that might make the text unintelligible, or on the flip side of it, you might end up writing and expressing too much, so much so, that people will lose interest and not read all the fine print. In both the cases, even though extra care and attention has been paid, the result is actually less than desirable, hence you will not get value for the money and time that you actually invested. To avoid such things, make sure that you use a font on your strut card that is readable well and text that will grab your consumer’s attention by being succinct.
  5. Call to Action: Just because you feel that due to the little amount of information that you have to provide on your strut card – many a time you will feel the need to provide other methods of getting more information across. So you may consider methods that are known as a call to action, which means you ask your consumer to do something, which would increase your brand engagement with them. Today, this can be done in a lot of ways, for example, you can provide an email address where the customer can reach out and write to you, or even a website address, where he can take a better, more in-depth look at the products that you are trying to offer, or in today’s digital online world, you can direct them to your social media pages (which to be fair are much more effective these days than a banner Foamex Board printing!). In fact, one of the most popular methods for all to action these days are QR codes, which you can use to give your customers instant access to information that they might need, to know your brand better.

Hence, keeping the above points in mind can help you create the best Strut cards for your business and to be honest you don’t even need those gimmicks like scratch cards printing, to make sure that there is enough buzz generated regarding your service.