5 Tips for Creating a Viral-worthy TikTok


Are you about to make your first TikTok video and you have dreams of it blowing up and going viral? Maybe this isn’t your first video, but instead you’ve put out many and, so far, you have yet to see any of them get the traction you had hoped for. Yes, there is an element of fun when creating TikTok videos but if you want it to go viral there also needs to be purpose and planning behind it. Here are five tips that will help you to create viral-worthy TikTok videos that finally get the kind of attention you’d been hoping for.

The Video Needs to Be Engaging from the Start

If you’re used to building excitement and interest in your videos rather than starting with a bang, this could be your problem right here. Remember, people have extremely short attention spans. If they click on your video and it doesn’t grab them from the get-go, they aren’t going to stick around. There is no reason to hold back and build; instead, you need to come out hard and strong.

The Message of the Video Should Be Clear

It’s also important that the message, topic or point of your video be clear from the start. Again, viewers shouldn’t have to watch to the end to understand it. As you start to build your followers/audience, they will also know what to expect from you, so you’ll need to stay true to your brand.

Branding Is Important

Speaking of branding, this is incredibly important for TikTok artists. This is how you set yourself apart from other content creators and how you start to build loyalty. Who are you? What do you represent? What can people expect from you? Having a strong brand image will also help you to make videos that feel relevant since they will feel cohesive.

Create Music That Demands Attention 

One of the most important aspects of a TikTok video is the music. It is often the hook that grabs attention and helps the video go viral. This is exactly why you can’t settle for standard tunes that everyone else is using. This is a chance to be unique by creating your own tracks, which is possible with online tools like Soundful. Remember, the music needs to reflect the video, and it all needs to be cohesive. This means thinking it through, identifying your message and your target audience, and making sure it feels sleek and professional.

The Goal Should Be a Short Video

The final tip is to keep your videos short. Once your video is longer than a minute, you risk losing your audience. Experts tend to suggest that the ideal video length is 10-48 seconds. This is the sweet spot as it’s long enough to get a message across but keep the attention of viewers.

Thanks to these tips, you’ll be able to create more focused and successful TikToks which means it’s only a matter of time before one goes viral and you get the exposure you’re after.