5 Ways in Which Technology Has Changed the Moving & Storage Industry

5 Ways in Which Technology Has Changed the Moving & Storage Industry

Modern technology has disrupted a variety of industries. Even industries that were traditionally effective without technology have grown to rely on modern technology for ease of service delivery. A good example of such an industry is the moving and storage sector. Traditionally, the moving and storage sector relied on the ability of their workers to carry the different belongings of different people physically and keep them safe.

However, as the needs of various customers continue to change, it has become imperative that business owners in the moving and storage industry adopt new technology and incorporate it into their services. This article explores how technology has changed the moving and storage industry and gives tips on how business owners can leverage technology to increase their output and efficiency.

  • Moving And Storage Quotations

Moving from one place to another can be quite draining for many people. The problem is often exacerbated when a moving company cannot provide accurate feedback on time regarding whether they can help you move or keep your items in storage. On such occasions, you have to schedule an appointment beforehand, schedule consultation meetings or phone calls and hope that the moving companies you reach out to are within your budget and are available on the day you want to move.

With the introduction of modern technology into the moving and storage industry, you can find out how much the services are beforehand. Further, you can also settle on the available company when you want to move. Gone are the days when you have to reschedule your moving date to synchronize with the availability of the moving company. With modern technology, you can get quotes from various companies online and reduce any likely future inconveniences you may have.

  • Tracking

Have you ever tried moving your valuables from your old home to your new home and had no idea where the goods were or what the progress was? That is one of the most stressful moments for customers seeking moving and storage services. Luckily, new technology has made things very easy for you to track your goods. This gives you the peace of mind you need during relocation.

Many companies in the moving and storage sector have also incorporated GPS tracking to enhance their customer interaction. Customers who are constantly provided with information regarding how their goods are being transported are likely to be more satisfied than customers kept in the dark. Therefore, if you are a business in this sector and want to retain your customers and even get more, consider incorporating GPS tracking on all your vehicles in their shipments.

  • Security

Security is paramount for anyone moving or looking for storage facilities for their valuable goods. Modern technology has facilitated an increase in security in such activities. Information on the security of a specific area, crime statistics, and the availability of first responders for any eventuality is always available online for people looking to move to a new neighborhood. As such, you can take time to research any area or neighborhood before making your decision to move there.

Technology has also helped beef up security in storage facilities. Using CCTV cameras, it is possible to monitor warehouses constantly and respond quickly in case of security breaches. 

Additionally, it is now possible to monitor the inventory of storage facilities online without physically going to the premises. Since the online inventories are expected to be updated at all times, customers can access information on the inventory of all their items in storage. This enhances security by providing a safeguard in case the numbers on the online inventory and the physical warehouse do not tally.

  • AI And Automation

The greatest achievements of modern technology are the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning and the avenues they provide for the automation of tasks. Warehouses and storage facilities have introduced artificial intelligence to help automate tasks that you would otherwise do physically. For instance, some warehouses use robots to help retrieve and place items in locations that would pose a difficulty for humans to access physically.

Artificial intelligence is also effective in helping people plan their new homes and appealingly arrange furniture. Using applications such as Room Planner, you can take your house’s measurements and plan where you will put everything once you move into the new house. 

Gone are the days when you would have to experiment with different arrangements and carry heavy furniture around the house before settling on a final house arrangement. With these apps, you can plan out everything virtually using AI and actualize it physically when you are satisfied with how it looks on the app.

  • Efficiency In Service Delivery

Technology has finally revolutionized the efficiency of the service delivery of companies in the moving and storage industries. Firstly, payment for goods and services within these industries has become very simple with the introduction of electronic payment services such as credit and debit cards. Electronic payment platforms make paying for goods and services quick and straightforward. 

Secondly, communicating with service providers has become simple under modern technology. Using chatbots, you can easily find out the progress of anything and seek clarification from your service provider at any time. The chatbots provide information when customer service personnel are not at work.

Finally, augmented or virtual reality and the 360 photography features employed by different real estate agents have transformed how people relocate and move from one place to another. These technological innovations help you decide on a new house before going there physically. As such, it cuts down on the time and energy spent in the decision-making process, leaving you to focus on the more essential things.

Final Words

The moving experience is always burdensome for many people. Getting a moving company, finding their costs, booking them, and delivering everything to the new place can be very stressful. The same is true for people looking for safe and reliable storage facilities. However, with new technology, these otherwise tiring and draining processes have become quite simple.

Technology has increased service delivery, reduced inefficiency, and made everything reliable. As such, if you are a business that wants to thrive in the moving and storage industry in the long term, then find a way to incorporate these new technological advancements in your business.

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