6 Tips for Deer Hunting Before You Go

6 Tips for Deer Hunting Before You Go

Venison is one of the best bush meat sources, and deer hunting is a great way to get it. The naturally lean and healthy meat is delicious, provided you know how to prepare it properly. But deer hunting can be uphill. Even if you have hunted other games before, deer are a different animal altogether.

Embarking on your first deer hunting trip requires adequate preparation with your hunting gear and mindset. Strong will and dedication are also mandatory if you want to be successful. Here are a few tips on deer hunting that will help you get started.

1. Learn the Basics About Deer

This creature has many species with different characteristics. Depending on the area you are hunting in, the deer will either be whitetail or mule. The tips for hunting whitetail deer are different from those applying for mules because of their behavior and habitat. Identify which one lives in your preferred hunting destination. That way, you will better understand their habits and how to hunt them.

The whitetail deer is native to North America. It is easy to identify because of its white tail that it raises as a warning sign to other deer when it senses danger. It can also wag its tail to signal the rest of the herd to locate each other. These animals are also the smallest among all deer species.

Learning more about this species helps you identify the best season for hunting. You will also know what it will do at what time of the day. That makes it easy for you to spot them and prepare for safe and successful hunting.

2. Get the Right Hunting Gear

Deer hunting is not catching hare or pheasant. They are dangerous animals, and you will need adequate protection. The best way to stay safe is by getting the necessary hunting gear. That includes a good quality rifle, ammunition, and other accessories like a deer call, attractant, and blind.

Your rifle should be the perfect caliber to take down a deer with one shot. Anything less than that will only injure the deer, and it will run away, which puts you in danger. The ammunition should also be high quality to hit the deer with enough force.

Other accessories are not necessary, but they can help in some scenarios. The deer call will attract them to your location, and the attractant will make them curious. The blind will help you stay hidden while waiting for the deer.

3. Pack Some Scent Control

It might not be a fashion show, but that does not mean you should leave all scent control products at home. Your body odor is a significant factor in hunting, as tips for hunting whitetail deer, including hunters. Wind and natural body odor can give you away, and the deer will be long gone before you know it.

To avoid that, invest in some good quality scent control products. That includes clothes, soap, deodorant, and body spray. You should also avoid using perfumes or colognes before going on the hunt. The goal is to reduce your human odor as much as possible, so the deer cannot smell you coming.

4. Be Flexible

You can never tell where to find the whitetail deer on a particular date. But it is easy to know its general location and when it will be there. The best way to increase your chances of deer hunting success is by being flexible with your plans.

Be ready to move around the area and change your location if you do not see any deer activity where you are. Sometimes, you can expect some near a water source or feeding in an open field. But they can also be in the woods for cover. Do not limit yourself to one spot only.

5. Stay Quiet

Noise pollution is a significant problem in today’s world. But it can also ruin your deer hunting plans. Deer are sensitive to sound, and the slightest noise can send them running. You do not want to startle them and alert them of your presence.

So, do your best to stay as quiet as possible. That includes being careful of your movement. That explains why unique hunting clothes are a good investment. They help you move without making too much noise. You should also avoid talking while deer hunting and keep your group close.

6. Avoid Snacking

That sausage, bacon, or jerky might look tempting, but resist the urge to snack while deer hunting. Exotic smells in natural habitats can alert the deer of your presence. All the work you do to prevent your odor from reaching their noses will go to waste if you start snacking in the middle of the woods.

The same goes for smoking. If you must, wait until after you have caught your deer. It would help if you also refrain from eating or drinking anything with a smell. Coffee, for instance, can be a significant problem. Try a banana, an apple, or any other fruit that does not have a potent smell.

Summing Up

Deer hunting is a challenging but rewarding activity. It takes patience, skill, and dedication to succeed. But following these tips will give you a better chance of bringing home a deer the next time you go hunting. Also, practice caution to stay safe when hunting.

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