6 Useful Tips for the New Drivers

6 Useful Tips for the New Drivers

Undoubtedly, there’s a large number when identifying individuals who need extra help with safe driving. Having that in mind, we’ve come up with some amazing and helpful tips for newbie drivers.

The Little Arrow

On the gas gauge, there’s a little arrow indicating the total amount of gas left in the tank. It can be either on the right or the left side right in front of the steering wheel. Understanding the function of the arrow would surely help you to stop at a fuel station when the tank’s near empty so that your journey may continue smoothly.

The Car Mirror

When reversing or cornering the car, looking at the back and to the side is important for the safety of you and others. This is when car mirrors come in handy that are at both front sides of the vehicle and one in the cabin that we know as a rear-view mirror. Make good use of these mirrors when driving for the ultimate safety of all!

Turning Steering Wheel While Reversing

New drivers are often confused about turning the steering wheel while reversing. Some people believe that if they want to reverse to the right, they need to turn the wheel to the left. It means that you have to invent the wheel since you’re backing up.

Be mindful that you should always turn the steering wheel to the side where you want to go no matter if you’re backing up or moving forth.

Know that Wheels are straight

Here’s a great tip relating to the steering wheel especially when parking with wheels straight. Let’s keep it simple! If you want the wheels to be straight, the steering wheel also has to be straight. But there are three positions where the steering wheel can be straight.

To determine whether the steering wheels are straight, just move forward a little bit. If the car goes straight ahead, the steering wheel is straight. If it goes to left or right, just adjust it to the center/straight position.

Exiting 90-Degree Parking

People make this mistake too much. While exiting parking by backing up between two cars, makes sure not to turn the steering wheel right away. Otherwise, you might end up hitting one depending on what side you turn the steering wheel. Be mindful that the closer the cars on the sides, the more you have to back up before turning the wheel.

Hidden Stop Signs

It’s good to look for the affordable car tyre deals to save money, but it’s even more important to save a life too by spotting the hidden stop signs.

While driving, you might come to an intersection where a bush would completely hide the stop sign on your side. Or maybe you only get to see it at the last second that quite dangerous for sure. Therefore, try looking at the other side of the intersection. If you see the back of a stop sign, you would surely be having the stop on your side as well that might be blocked by something.


Do you want to learn some effective and useful driving tips for new drivers? Just check out the article now.

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