7 Best Freelancing Jobs for an Introvert

7 Best Freelancing Jobs for an Introvert

There are many types of people in the community. Some are rather extrovert while some are hot-tempered and aggressive. Then there are those are utterly awkward in social gatherings but act like a true warrior in solitude.

Those, my friends, are your typical introverts, living in their fantasy world. Meeting an introvert is like greeting a rock wall.

At this point we all can agree, for introverts becoming a freelancer is of the highest probability. Most of them want to work remotely with flexible working hours from home or online. There are no hard and fast rules, you make up your flexible hours and work with ease too.

Take a jump to best freelancing trending jobs for 2019

  • Be Like Indiana Jones

Okay, you don’t need to raid any archaeological site, but you can raid the interest for starters.  The best part of being a researcher is that it’s a broad category with horizontal options to choose from. All you need is;

  • Your cup of morning coffee
  • Excellent written communications skills

You can easily utilize your time and manage it according to your other chores as well. Let it become your strength. While experimenting in this field, you’ll come to know to learn about top trends, keep updated with the growing industries as well.  For example, online translation services providers are the latest emerging freelancing trend in the industry in the past couple of years. You can do thorough research on it and even get to learn more about a language as well.  

  • Play with Words

Do you have an aesthetic sense of writing? If so, then this is the job for you. If you are a book worm and loves to read and write, you might as well as give it a nudge. Either you want to go for e-books, blogs, ghostwrite – you will find something of interest at this platform.

You can write whatever you want and however you please to write it. For instance, if you are working on a blog, why not listen to music with a steaming cup of coffee right by your laptop?

And guess what? You can make more money as a freelance writer than any other job in comparison.

  • Become a Translator

Did I mention you can provide translation services online without breaking a sweat?

It’s one of the hottest trends in the industry, and to obscure your position as a freelancing translator, you need to start working within your social gatherings (no matter the size). If you are bilingual, then this will be your strongest traits to utilize in a beneficial way. 

Editing movie titles, be a tour guide, a book translator, etc. are just initial choices to choose from. Currently, statistically, speaking the more niche language combination is, the more you can do earn. For instance, translations from English-Chinese or German to English are quite high in demand.  

  • Social Media is No Joke

Yes, well, introverts can also act as a social media manager as serious freelancers (no jokes!). Miracles happen on Earth, the internet is one of those miracles and thus handling social media is quite a convenient approach for an introvert.

As it is one of the fastest-growing careers, you can easily lay a gig and everything you need to work with is available, online.

Sometimes, introverts are more open in approach when they are communicating via a medium, it oozes confidence in them.

  • Listen, Listen

Say what again? 

Transcription is like an extended arm length of translators, quite similar to translating, all you have to do is listen carefully and type it down. Simple right?

It’s quite and an easy platform to learn and you can do it within your desired time frame as well. The company can contact you online via emails and data is provided to you. Listen to the audio and write it at your working pace. It’s a smart and relatively less time-consuming job to do.

It also happens to make pace with your hearing senses as well. So it’s a win-win situation.

  • Say Cheese!

Wait! Let me take a picture first! 

How many times do we hear this statement in a day? Probably too many times for my liking. But it’s good news for those who got an eye for a candid shot. Who could have imagined freelancing as a photographer?

There’s plenty of room to sell pictures online or work online on a project. For instance, the Stock Photo industry hires freelancing photographers because they are just perfect for the job. Why not set the highest price and sell it to the biggest buyer?

  • Develop Something New

Software developers are another hot trend that lets you make a good dash of money even as a freelancer. You can ideally work from home and bring apps and websites to life.

As long as internet remains the biggest sensation, software developing will never go out of business. People rely more on apps and everything online as compared to past days.

So what are you waiting for? Get a client and let’s begin the new you!

In the End, …what to Choose?

Honestly, choice will always be yours. You can either try all of these ideas or choose the best one that matches your skills and is fancy enough for you. 

It’s never a boring experience being a freelancer!