7 Important Considerations for Your Theater Room

Theater Room

Building out your home theater room is the pinnacle for many people when they picture their dream home. The execution can seem daunting as there are a lot of components to consider to make the room come together. Below are some key details to consider when planning your space.


When you are putting forth the effort to make an entire room dedicated to theater/gaming space, you want it to feel truly immersive and special. This can often involve several design elements working together to create that feeling. This can be dark paint color on the walls, memorabilia, and even something fun like interior barn doors. The goal is that immediately upon stepping through the threshold, the space feels different.


Is there anything more important than lighting when it comes to setting the mood for a space? Having the right lighting in your theater/game room is important. The best way to execute this is with plenty of options. For navigating the room, games, and general play, you want adequate lighting that is bright but not too florescent. During movies or videogame play on the big screen, you will want thorough darkness that allows the environment to be immersive, but still navigable when needed. A combination of overhead dimmable lighting and soft options like sconces is great.


Setting the scene! This is the culmination of all the previous efforts. The lights, the sounds, the feel of the chairs, the posters on the wall. What else curates a space? All of the small details tie it together. Maybe your theater room needs a minibar or a snack station with a popcorn machine. Maybe the emphasis is on relaxation so there are some spa elements like pure filtered water? Whatever it is for your specific goal, make sure to put just as much effort into the details as the big decisions like wall color, as they truly are what makes the space feel complete.


Having the right sound solutions for your space is crucial for entertainment moments involving films and games. While you can totally go all out and splurge here, there are many other ways to configure an incredible soundscape without breaking the bank. While on the topic of surround sound, insulation is an important thing to note here. A very well-insulated room will have much better acoustics. If the purpose of the room was an afterthought, adding padding to the walls can make an enormous difference. Even adding drapes along the walls can be a huge help for your audio system, and it adds to the theater vibe as well.


If there are a lot of games and movies going on in this room, that means there are a lot of electronics and accessories that will be in the room as well. You’ll want to ensure that everything has the right space. Cord management? Messy wires are a nightmare. Digging through bins looking for that one thing you need? A huge headache. Taking the time to assess what the room needs, planning accordingly, and thoughtfully arranging the room can save a huge headache later.


A thoroughly insulated room full of electronics is sure to get hot fast. You want great airflow for a multitude of reasons. There is nothing worse than a movie shutting off during a nail-biting scene because the player overheated. To mitigate this issue, be thoughtful about how you are spacing your devices to ensure there is adequate airflow where necessary. If a stuffy corner is the only place the electronics will fit, try to add a cleverly placed fan to help them out. This is particularly beneficial in the summer when exterior rooms can already run a bit warmer.


Seating, seating, seating. Captain’s chairs? Real movie theater seats? A sleeper couch? Extra folding chairs for guests during the big game? Whatever option you choose will be dependent upon how you will use the space, but it’s equally important no matter which direction you go. A popular option is a handful of lightweight chairs to have for events and a large sectional couch that fits the space. This still gives plenty of room without going overboard. Bonus points for a sectional being the perfect napping vessel after a late-night Netflix binge.

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