7 Most Beautiful Places You Must Visit Before You Die

7 Most Beautiful Places You Must Visit Before You Die

Our world is beyond beautiful. The creator has crowned different countries with the utmost beautiful destinations and sites that you will even die for seeing. I have traveled to many exclusive destinations in the world that might not be very popular, but they must be somewhat worthwhile to visit. You never know how the purest form of nature can touch your soul! I sometimes even get surprised by seeing the landmarks that humans make and feel wondrous about it. 

People always tend to go with the trend, while I feel that traveling is more about exploring the unknown yet unique one. Well, in this article, I have compiled the seven most beautiful places you must visit before you die. I am sure the extent to which they are famous, they are fabulous too! You may go through them, find some facts, and decide which one to explore first. 

1.  See What The Great Wall of China has to Offer!

What if I give you a call to visit a place among the seven wonders of the world? Being only of its kind, the longest trailing wall in the world, proving its exceptional existence since the ancient times, The Great Wall of China is undoubtedly the iconic defensive feat architecture from history. The wall shields 21,196 km in total of the Chinese provinces and proves an impervious fortress-like layer for the rugged country. While you cannot walk the entire wall in a single life, you can stroll the most beautiful cut from Jinshanling to Simatai for about 3-4 hours and see unfolding mountain cliffs, winding day, and spectacular scenery! 

2. Experience the Northern Lights in Scandinavia:

Aurora Borealis – that’s the synonym for Scandinavia! Because of the high latitude climates, destinations like Finland, Sweden, and Norway get flooded with the northern lights. I am sure that you have never seen this miracle before. The picturesque views of this natural phenomenon are at their best beauty in late September till March. Juhannuskallio in Finland, Finnish in Lapland, North Cape, Senja, and Alta, in Norway, and Abisko National Park, and Porjus in Sweden are seven best destinations for witnessing charismatic northern lights. Trust me – the northern lights are the best winter getaways for you this year! 

3. Feel the Whiteness of Taj Mahal in India:

The white Taj mahal nestles on the banks of Yamuna river and sparkles like the only symbol of love existent on this globe. This landmark and its glorifying virtue date back to the 16th century, whereby the Mughal Emperor made the construction of this white-ivory marble mausoleum for his beloved wife – Begum Mumtaaz! Placed between the other six out of seven wonders of the world, Taj Mahal takes you straight to paradise. The pool fountains, the passway, the greenery around all make it more pretty. The white appearance of the Mahal is irreplaceable, and the semi-precious stones studded in it enhances the charm. 

4. Get Sandy in the Great Pyramid of Giza:

Egypt is prominently famous for its mysterious pyramids. The Great Pyramid of Giza grabs the spotlight among all. It holds the record over 3,000 years for being the tallest human architecture until the completion of Eiffel Tower in Paris. Where the beauty of the modern city Cairo boundaries itself, the virtue of the Pyramid of Giza starts. You can book your stay at cosmopolitan Cairo, explore it in your BMW motorcycles, and visit the splendid sands of Giza Plateau that neighbors the city. Your eyes will remain seeing the secret behind the construction of the placid pyramid! 

5. Deep Dive in Awe in Great Barrier Reef in Australia:

The other incredible site that turns out to be the home for aqua creatures is The Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The coral reef gets stretched for 2,300 km area-wide, and shelters almost all the water creatures of the universe. You would never forget the snorkeling activity that you did in the longest living thing on this planet.  You can even try scuba diving and experience the beauty beneath those waters and award yourself a remarkable lifetime memory. The beaches of Queensland are equally beautiful, and the whole damn vibe is appealing! You can visit the reef on your next vacation. 

6. Surprise the Sunrise at Mount Bromo in Indonesia:

The only active volcano amidst those of Mount Batok, Mount Kursi, Mount Watangan, and Mount Widodaren The Bromo Volcano has constant smoke fumes and steam releases. The entire landscape of steeped mountains gives impeccable views. The Bromo volcano undergoes some eruptions dating the latest in 2012. It is easy to get to the feet of the mountain by car, and there are steps to help you reach the crater. You must reach earlier if you don’t want to compromise on its sunset. The changing colors of the crater rock will fade you away from this worldly pleasures at least once! 

7. Argentinien Iguazu Waterfalls will make you feel dwarf!

The Brazilian waterfalls claim themselves to be the most inviting waterfalls on this earth. The Iguazu waterfalls are like the perfect paradise that you dream of every day. The jaw-dropping views of waterfalls, the breathtaking whispers of cascades of more than hundreds of waterfalls, and the neighboring flora and fauna in nearby 3 km expansion are worth dollars! The waterfalls, fall a half-half in Brazil and Argentina, being a part of the national park. The rainforest that homes the waterfalls has foggy forests, diverse plantation species, and appealing wildlife creatures. You will think for a thousand times before leaving the beautiful waterfall provinces of Iguaza! 

The concluding word – While writing this article, I fail to keep myself calm from making a bucket list to explore all these places as soon as possible. Make your to-do menu, make reservations, and start your wander with any one of this place. Do not forget to mention the experience you get out of these destinations before you die! 

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