8+ Inspiring TikTok Tactics Effective For Brands To Go Viral

8+ Inspiring TikTok Tactics Effective For Brands To Go Viral

Finally, are you ready to join TikTok to grow your brand? Here is a hunt of TikTok marketing tips to feature your brand among global audiences. Come! Let’s get started with powerful ways to take your brand to the viral environment!

TikTok is the most engaging medium with more than 850 million active users monthly. As the videos on this platform look creative, funny, and informative, the download rate got a tremendous reach for the past two years. Also, the engagement rate on TikTok is beyond the expectation where the average time spent by the TikTok user remains 52 minutes which is almost an hour. Because of the huge audience’s involvement, tons of brands, businesses, and influencers share super attractive TikTok content to get exposure.

Most people think that TikTok is only for entertainment purposes. But the truth is, TikTok audiences pay more attention to the informative and valuable content to grow their personal life. Since 60% of TikTok users are youngsters, targeting audiences under the age of 16 to 24 becomes the most effective medium for your brand growth.

Before moving into the TikTok tactics, you have to know how marketing on TikTok takes your brand to the next level.

Why Do Brands Move To TikTok Marketing?

TikTok provides a wide space for brands, businesses, and creators to explore their thoughts to audiences and take the world by storm with the application usage. Bring something new while branding your product on TikTok and get the attention of most audiences. Some brands are still not into the TikTok platform since they think this platform is only for brands having target audiences as young.

However, TikTok gathers a wide range of people (all ages) where 38% of TikTok users in the U.S are above 30 years. Now, the competition for brands on TikTok is proliferating and hurrying up to grow your audiences to the massive level of having the right content strategy.

Inspiring TikTok Tactics To Make Your Brand Viral

Keep discovering new things on TikTok regularly that inspire audiences towards your brand. Since TikTok is the sixth-largest social network, as a brand, you will have more capability to reach your target audiences and make your brand go trend.

Now, let’s look into the ten inspiring tricks to grow your brand among broader audiences.

1. Build Authenticity

If you want to stream as a successful brand on TikTok, provide authentic content in each post. I think, in recent days, the word “authentic” has been circulating on all social sites. Yes, authenticity remains a great tool to build a loyal relationship with your followers. Take out the thought of pushing sales from audiences. The conversion for your brand should increase organically without any compulsion. 

With the original content, you can gain ideal customers and increase content sharing. Think about entertaining audiences through fun, creative, and informative content. Another way to build a community is by browsing through the platform to see how others create videos to attract audiences. 

2. Be The First To Adapt Trends

When you spend time on TikTok regularly, you will come to know that TikTok is an engaging platform filled with trending videos. Some trends will come out of a popular song, but some from the latest events. When you keep on moving the latest trends on TikTok, the virality for your brand comes instantly. TikTok helps you in finding the trending content from the For You page. 

The FYP on TikTok is a place where millions of popular videos stream, and the specialty is, the videos come for your views based on the previous watch or according to the interest shown on TikTok. So, the popularity of your brand increases when your video gets more views. This comes true only when you are on the For You page by making trending videos.

3. Stick On To A Particular Niche

There is a particular niche for all types of brands. If you have a prior idea in preparing the content suitable for your target audiences, then no one cannot stop you from landing on success. Consistency remains an essential factor in gaining desired audiences for your brand. When you get a good connection with your audiences, a strong community for your brand arises who will provide a hand in developing your brand.

When all your content on TikTok relates to the same niche, then building brand trust becomes simple. Find your niche by scrolling down your competitor’s account and analyze where there is a gap. Fill out the gap by making content for your brand and attract audiences to your TikTok account.

4. Post User-Generated Content

The success for your brand comes by posting user-generated content rather than your own content. UGC content on TikTok pours you a lot of trust towards your brand and increases the conversion exponentially. When you share UGC, it tends other users visit your website resulting in higher traffic with sales conversion.

Encourage your potential customers to prepare UGC content about your brand. Usually, the UGC content drives more engagement that boosts TikTok followers count and builds a trustworthy community for your brand. When you run a TikTok account to promote your brand, maintain a good relationship with them to create a community to increase brand awareness. 

5. Come Up With Trending Hashtags

People on any social media network can discover your video only with the help of appropriate hashtags. Having hashtags on each video provides a better chance of success than publishing a regular video. Since TikTok has millions of videos, people use the hashtag technique to find the particular content they want to view. But concentrate well on choosing the hashtag. 

People show interest in your content when the hashtags stuffed on your post that match the content. However, you cannot stuff many hashtags. TikTok allows you to write captions of 100 characters only. So be specific while choosing the hashtag. Do not choose more generic hashtags, instead combine with both popular and specific hashtags to get your content sorted by the audiences. When more views pour in for your video, the popularity of your brand automatically grows.

6. Repurpose Existing Content

Publishing fresh content always on your TikTok account remains tedious. So don’t worry! There is another chance to publish your content with higher engagement. Repurposing your content from other websites into TikTok will be a perfect strategy for gaining the audience’s attention and giving you your own style. As the length of TikTok videos ranges from 15 seconds to 60 seconds, it becomes easy for you to reshare it without any edits.

Though you are engaged on other social media sites, you can just repost the higher engagement content on other channels into TikTok. Even if you have a blog post on your site, go through the text that got higher engagement. Then make it into a short video for publishing on TikTok and get the attention of huge audiences.

7. Engage Audiences With Your Comment

The comments section on TikTok is the most engaging part where audiences may find new accounts and easily find your presence. An important contribution to the comments section is being an initiator and leaving your first comment for your own video. It is important to leave comments in the first because most brands follow the information given in the first two comments beneath the video. Also, the comments section increases the interaction with audiences and leads to the spark of conversation.

If you want to increase the brand reach, comments sections give excellent opportunities to prove your online presence and encourage new audiences to join you. It is an engaging tactic to get audiences’ attention and allows each user to share their thoughts. Encourage your audiences also to leave comments and keep the conversation extending with your authentic reply.

8. Post A Short And Simple Videos

Your brand can go viral when the potential to watch your video on TikTok increases rapidly. The viewers show interest in watching your videos over and over if it really looks short and fascinating in appearance. How to make it happen? Prepare a video that packs plenty of valuable information in a short period, i.e., to a maximum of 15 seconds. The short videos take you to the place of the winning algorithm.

Publishing videos down to 10 seconds will be better to grab the audience’s attention. Also, it is not that the long videos do not drive engagement. Moreover, you can combine both strategies to grab their eyeballs. For example, publish a fun and entertaining video for a short period, whereas an informative video for more than 20 seconds stays with your audiences on your video to gather new information. If you have a juicy story on every video, a community builds automatically for loving your content and easily making your brand popular.

9. Cross-Promoting Your Content

When you come across other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, you can notice that many TikTok videos are being cross-promoted on those sites to get the audience’s attention. It is a smarter way to reach your target audiences with less effort. Since TikTok videos are short, without any edits, you can promote them on other channels to gain the audience’s attention. 

This method not only increases brand engagement but also raises the follower’s count. Also, it is just a win-to-win strategy! Saving your TikTok video is an easy process. Open your video published on TikTok, then tap into the Share button and save it to your Albums. Instead of pushing your audiences on other platforms to watch your video, make an exciting caption that tends them to watch your video.

10. Leave Frequent Post

People can find you when your presence exists on TikTok frequently. If you want to burn out of the competitions, you have to post as many as possible on your account to build your online presence. Start experiments by publishing different contents and gather the performance which gives you the best. If you want to gain success, your content needs learning, testing, creativity, and enjoyment in your community.

When your post appears twice or thrice a day, people can easily recognize your brand wherever your content appears. But stick in your mind that content quality is much more important than the quantity of content on your page. It is convenient if you post three content a week but with high-quality. If the engagement rate for your brand increases, your brand automatically reaches a higher position.

Final Thought

Here comes the conclusion! TikTok is the perfect place for brands to grow popularity with the right marketing tactics. Are you still thinking about joining TikTok to become famous? I personally encourage you to be a part of TikTok to gain an engaged community and help to connect with potential audiences. I am sure that the above TikTok tricks will lead your brand to land on success.

Try to be consistent and authentic and make your efforts successful on TikTok. Start growing your brand on TikTok with a positive vibe!