9 regency era jewelry pieces every woman must have!

9 regency era jewelry pieces every woman must have!

The Regency era was a period of peace and elegance in Great Britain between 1811 and 1820. It was a time of great fashion and elegance in jewelry, giving birth to many styles and trends. While many of the designs from the Regency Era would eventually find their way into art deco jewelry during the 1920s, near the end of the Regency Period, there was a dramatic shift from the designs of the previous Georgian era which came before it.

Necklaces, bracelets and brooches from the Regency era typically feature large and bold designs. Emeralds, topaz, and amethysts are often featured prominently. Many of these vintage jewels feature a combination of gold, silver and semi-precious stones. According to the National Jeweler, “Regency jewelry designers sometimes bypassed the traditional choice of stones with natural pearls, turquoise and ruby taking their place as the background to dramatic designs.”

Regency era jewelry pieces every woman own:

The regency era of fashion, which took place in England during the 1800s, is often associated with elegant, exquisite jewelry pieces. Typical regency jewelry was elegant, feminine, and timeless. From necklaces and collars to earrings and pendants, below are 9 regency era jewelry pieces every woman should add to her collection:

  1. Choker Necklaces – Choker necklaces were a popular type of jewelry in the regency era. These necklaces usually had a simple design, such as simple gold or silver beads around the neck, or a cameo pendant. They were often very delicate and feminine, and were perfect for wearing with a higher neckline.
  2. Brooches and Pins – Brooches and pins also featured prominently during this time period. Brooches were often large and intricate, such as a large flower with lapis lazuli or a baroque design. Pins were usually more downplayed and often included a simple gold or silver pin set with a few small diamonds.
  3. Drop Earrings – Drop earrings were all the rage during the Regency era. They typically featured a diamond and gold combination, with a larger diamond at the bottom and a smaller one at the top. They were often a great compliment to a dress with a high neckline, as the earrings brushed against the neck when worn.
  4. Cuff Bracelets – Cuff bracelets were a popular regency era jewelry piece. These bracelets were typically made from gold or silver and featured intricate designs, such as flowers or swirls. They were often very ornate and had gemstones set into the metalwork.

5.Dangling Earrings – Dangling earrings were perfect for adding a little drama to any outfit. They often featured a large, ornate design set with a variety of stones and gems, such as sapphires, rubies, and diamonds.

  1. Crosses – Crosses were also popular during the regency era. These pieces often featured a large central stone, such as a diamond or ruby, with smaller stones set around the edges. Many of these pieces also had a simple chain and were often given as gifts for religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter.
  2. Cameo Jewelry – Cameos were extremely popular during the Regency era, with many intricate pieces featuring a central cameo. Usually made from mother of pearl or coral, many of these cameo pieces also included diamonds and smaller stones.
  3. Floral Hair Pins – Floral hair pins were a popular way to adorn your hair during the regency era. Often made from gold or silver, these hairpins often featured delicate flowers, leaves, and vines.
  4. Necklaces with Cameos – Necklaces featuring cameos were very popular during the Regency era, with many featuring large cameos and diamonds or smaller stones set around the edges. Many of these necklaces had a simple gold or silver chain and complemented a variety of outfits perfectly.

The regency era was a time of elegance and beauty, and the jewelry pieces from that era are still extremely popular today. From simple, feminine chokers to large, ornate brooches, any of the pieces on this list are sure to make a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection during the regency era jewelry for sale.



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