A Doctor’s Fashion Sense

A Doctor’s Fashion Sense

Doctors have often been portrayed as individuals with very basic fashion sense. A classic jacket and full-sleeve shirt as seen as staples in their wardrobe. The stereotypical image, of course, is a doctor wearing a pressed shirt and tie, with the signature white starched coat and stethoscope, usually followed by an equally smartly dressed nurse at his beck and call. 

This, however, isn’t the case today.

Doctors have now abandoned these age-old dress traditions, and who can blame them? Anyone would grow bored of the same old shirt and white jacket ensemble. But despite this fashion rebellion among Medicare professionals, can this be seen as a truly positive change, or is it proof of a decline in hospital standards if doctors can show up in t-shirts? 

We bring some of these arguments to the table and a few choices for doctors who can’t resist those t-shirts. 


The primary argument against this new fashion sense emergence is the age-old ‘standards’ one. A doctor is a paradigm of dignity and confidence, the bringer of good health or bad news. But he or she has to look prim and proper while doing so. A doctor in a t-shirt can’t be taken seriously since he doesn’t seem to be taking himself seriously. The same goes for a nurse who doesn’t wear a white uniform. 


No medical professional must be judged by his or her clothing style. Fashion is a personal choice. Doctors and nurses are already saving lives no matter what they wear, and their choice of outfit really shouldn’t be that big of a deal. If they can move around more comfortably in a t-shirt, then they should be able to wear them. Comfort should be the priority and not the upholding of Victorian-era standards. 

This is why, in order to appease both sides, we recommend that doctors and nurses check out online stores for shirts of their choice. Online t-shirts for doctors are a booming arena, and there are plenty of smart choices. Established brands such as Pierre Cardin, Marks, and Spencer are all selling standard-looking shirts that are comfortable and easy to wear on the clock. There are plenty of stores selling tees for nurses as well, and if you’re looking for humorous ones, look no further. 

If you’re into custom-made shirts, these are also available. You can design your t-shirts or shirts online according to your tastes and have them delivered to your house. Amazon offers a variety of choices for those looking for a similar website to shop from. Almost all online clothing retailers offer various designs and themes to choose from, all of which are super affordable and easy to maintain. 

While the white coat is the standard for all doctors and nurses to be distinguished, certain countries have banned or restricted white coats, saying they pose health risks. Doctors visit many patients while on rounds, and the white coat can become a carrier for infectious germs. Shopping online is a great way to browse through many options and choose one as you like. Happy shopping!