About to complete 12th? follow these options for a successful career

Choosing what to study after class 12 can be a daunting task. With so many options available these days, you should measure out all the available options and find the best one for you. Further mentioned here are some of the most popular career options you can choose after you have finished your class 12 exams:

  1. Engineering: Engineering has been a predominant career choice for a lot of students in India. This past year, over 13 Lac students appeared for the JEE entrance exams, making it the most popular study choices to date. Although there are various career options in science, you can take up after your 12th exams; this has been one of the most sought after career choices. Anyone interested in electronic engineering, software design, and software-hardware integration should go for computer science engineering without a doubt. They will shine since they are interested in the intricacies of hardware engineering and software development.This field requires you to have a strong background in science and mathematics and in-depth interest in telecommunications, control systems, automation, robotics, and other similar topics. A 4-year course in pursuing B.Tech program in Electronics and Communication Engineering will prove to be a good career option after your class 12 exam. Click here for more details.
  1. Medical and biological sciences: Anyone who has a keen knack for biology and other related subjects can do well with careers in medicine-related courses after their 12th. One of the most chosen courses in this criterion is pharmacology. In this course, students examine how drugs work and help to attack various diseases. Anyone with an interest to learn more about drug immunity and their side effects on patients will love this course and eventually prosper.Biotechnology is one of the other trendy science courses where you learn about the genetic makeup of people, plants and animals. Along with this you also learn about the genetic defects that affect them and how you can prevent them. Students who want to pursue this course need to gain medical expertise by getting an MBBS degree and to do that; they need to apply for medical entrance exams like AIPMT.
  2. Commerce: anyone who has studied with commerce during their class 12 can take up chartered accountancy. In this course, you learn about the financial affairs of companies and businesses and check if they are in accordance with the laws. The course includes everything from checking financial transactions to looking into tax affairs through auditing, creating essential reports and so on.However, if this does not interest you, you can take up courses like BBA or BBM or BMS management, to build a career as an investment banker with finance, brand manager with marketing. Another option is to take up economics, and then specialize in Macroeconomics, Banking Economics or Indian Economics.
  1. Arts: Arts students are familiar with subjects like History, Sociology, Pol. Science, Geography and even Psychology. Such a vast variety of subjects prove to be very beneficial as there are many courses you can go for. You can opt for counseling or psychology courses and even study psephology if political elections interest you. Other courses in history and anthropology are also available for arts students. After your class 12 exams, you can also aim to be a diplomat, financial analyst or some other similar options if Pol. Science interests you. Arts is a discipline that offers many career options, and if you want to follow you knack, you can also be a magazine editor or be the country’s next top lawyer.

These are some career options you can choose from but still measure the pros and cons of each to see which suits you’re the best. However, you should always listen to your gut and check which subject or course you are interested in or have aptitude in. This will ensure that you study correctly and finally do something fruitful with your career.