How to Add CTA to your YouTube Video in 2021

How to Add CTA to your YouTube Video in 2021

What is YouTube CTA or YouTube call to action? 

The YouTube call to action is your calling for driving the target audience to take the necessary steps in order to accomplish your target goal of subscriptions, viewership, membership, sales, or to increase the videos engagement rate in order to grow your YouTube channel. It is a command or direction on what you want your target audience should do next. Of course, you want them to engage with your content more than just watch and move on to another video.

So, your YouTube call to action is a YouTube marketing strategy to give your videos a purpose in driving viewers to a destination you want them to be. it’s defined as any portion of content used to get viewers or visitors to take an instant next action. For example, a product page with a buy now button offers a call to purchase. Many Youtubers buy YouTube subscribers to increase their video’s engagement rates and channel rankings. You can organically increase the engagement rates by learning here, how to add CTA to YouTube video  

5 ways you can include call to actions in Your YouTube videos

  • Including CTA in YouTube video in the beginning

According to KissMetrics, 20% of viewers bounce from videos that are only 1 minute long and 40% of viewers bounce from videos that are 2-3 minutes long. So, most viewers can droop-off to another video before they even reach the YouTube call to action button, or other Call to actions in YouTube video. So, employing it at the opening of the video and leaving it there till end could produce more clicks.

  • Propose Another Video, using CT

Add CTA to YouTube video to get your audience to keep watching your content one after another, you offer related videos or playlists that they’re more likely to watch than the other recommended videos by YouTube’s auto-play function. You can leverage: 

  • Channel description– Underneath each video YouTube provides you with two noticeable lines of text before it’s veiled behind a link. It is good prospect for you to include a brief description, with a YouTube call to action, and a link to your other content. As, for a YouTube call to action, the most significant option is the link. So, include the links in these two lines.
  • YouTube interactive Cards– leverage the most useful YouTube calls to action to link previous or related videos. You can add up to 5 cards. When a viewer clicks on the card, they can see all your cards with different YouTube calls to action on them.
  • End screens- End screens are one of the best YouTube CTA viewers actually follow. You can include multiple elements on an end screen which can lead to different YouTube call to actions the viewer may take. 
  • Add Call to action in YouTube video asking to subscribe to your Channel

Subscribers are vital to your channel because YouTube algorithm rank the channel higher in search pages who have good subscriber count. Your subscribers get notifications about your new videos and get your videos featured on their homepage. They see your videos more recurrently, which will help you generate more watch-time. So, drive subscriptions by featuring Call to action in YouTube video in the last 15 seconds, giving users sufficient time to subscribe.

  • Place CTA in YouTube video to get followed on social media

Build reputation and grow your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn by asking your viewers to follow you on them. If they like watching your YouTube videos, they’ll undoubtedly relish overwhelming your videos on social media too. Put the social media buttons in your videos, and see your most loyal YouTube subscribers joining you. This mechanism further helps you to drive new followers, generate more publicity and awareness for your YouTube creations.

  • Use YouTube call to actions to drive viewers to your Website

You must Built an incredibly loyal and engaged following by making entertaining, unique, quality, educating, hilarious and useful videos that users everywhere can’t get enough of. You can gain popularity by placing an end-of-video YouTube CTA that drives viewers to your website or physical store. If you want to sell products you endorse or your own products, try guiding viewers to your product page after they watch your videos. When they’re hooked on them and love your brand, they’ll unquestionably be willing to support you.

Leverage the YouTube calls to action and grow your channel now! Feel free to share!