The easy way of learning how to Add Currency Converter in WordPress: Ultimate Guide

Currency Converter in WordPress

To start or continue the business in this connected world you have to consider a lot of currencies that people use to buy products. While purchasing products from your site, users might think about that how much a specific product will cost in his or her currency. For this purpose, they need to add a currency converter. So, here in this article we are going to discuss how to add currency converter in WordPress.

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What is a currency converter?

The currency converter is a software code. This code is created to convert the value of one currency into the quantities of other currencies or equivalent values.

It is also a form of a mobile app or a part of the website that is based on bank exchange rates or the entire current market.

For example, a user enters an amount of money (e.g 10,000) and then select the currency in which the user wants to convert it. Now, the currency converter calculates and show the equivalent result.

What type of websites need currency converter

Business site:- This site is always wants to see the exchange rates of various currencies of their audiences. Mostly those users whose businesses are present in various countries.

E-commerce stores:-You are selling various products with the help of WordPress e-commerce store then the currency converter can help your audiences to calculate the costs in their local currency(in which they want to change).

Finance and banking websites:-This site can add the currency converter for their users to calculate the conversion rates.

Travel blog sites:-You can add currency calculator to your site, if you are travel blog holder., Because, with this help, your visitors can easily calculate their costs in various currencies.

There are so many various other sites that use the currency calculator.

Adding currency converter in WordPress

First thing, you may have to install WP currency converter plugin and activate it.

When the plugin is installed, then you have to visit the Settings and then WP Currency Converter page to add or remove the currencies from the converter.

Now you have to manage general settings and also add the API key that you can claim by following the page instruction.

added the API key

next step, when you added the API key, you can choose a layout for a currency calculator.

save changes button to store your setting

Now click on the save changes button to store your setting

Later, You can set the default value for the currency calculator. It allows the user to enable currencies, set the default option for currencies, and add the title to show above the calculator.

for default setting of currency list you have to

Next step, for default setting of currency list you have to

Next, visit into List Layout Default tab for default setting of currency list.

Same as calculator setting and also u can show the entire amount and add the title for exchange rate list.

plugin’s tools

The plugin’s tools tab permits the user to reset the entire data to default values that given through the plugins.

After that, click on the Save Changes.