Amazing Ways To Overcome Stage Fear

Amazing Ways To Overcome Stage Fear

There are 238 million people on earth and 75% of the population is scared of public speaking. What could be more frightening that it’s your turn to perform on stage and you are already nervous and shivering because of stage fear? It is normal; people do get scared of the public. It is important for you to understand what stage fright is so that you can fully overcome it. People who work on their weaknesses are the one who comes out strong. For example, you have public fear and you are about to play guitar on stage and as soon as you see that stage and public you become completely blank and you end up messing around. This may become the reason of your embarrassment. So let’s come across some genuine tips which can help you to overcome stage fear.

  • Practice is the key to success:

When we were kids our parents always use to make efforts by making us practice certain common educational things. They always taught us that practice makes a man perfect. If you fear something works hard for it, practice it out and you’ll end up building a good amount of confidence. That confidence will be visible within your personality and your voice. Stand in front of mirror try challenging yourself. Speak or rehearse in front of yourself and you’ll see the rise in your performance.

  • Talk to yourself:

Stage fright is all in the mind always keep yourself motivated so that you never lose confidence while performing. Never consider your failure to be the reason for your disappointment. Stop thinking ‘ that I wouldn’t be able to do this’ or ‘ what people will think’ instead start thinking ‘ you can do this’ or ‘ what if I am great at this?’. Talk positively so you stay optimistic.

  • Think about the outcome:

Visualize the output within your mind. Think the kind of warmth, confidence, and response you’ll receive after giving a good performance. This will help you to boost your performance. The more you imagine being great, the more the chances of good performance will increase.

  • Learn from your mistakes:

Instead of discouraging and cursing yourself for a bad performance try learning where you lacked. And if any sort of technical issue arises while you are performing don’t panic stay calm the technical team is more stressed out than you. Just try to cover it if it is possible for you.

  • Arrive early:

Try to be punctual. If you’ll come early you will get some time to rehearse and therefore your performance will automatically be the good one. And if you’ll come late you will be stressed and you’ll rush while performing. So try to be on time.

Aren’t these some amazing ways to remove your fear. we’ll give you one more thing to completely remove your stage fear. Whenever you do a sound test, try to sing bilingual songs like baarishein anuv jain chords, anson seabra robin hood chords etc. to make people amazed and get yourself comfortable before performing your masterpiece. Happy Jamming!

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