AMEX Credit Card Payment: Facility That Can Change Your Life

AMEX Credit Card Payment: Facility That Can Change Your Life

American Express credit card provides two options for payment an online or offline. You can choose any of the methods and make AMEX credit card payment instantly. For an offline process should visit the nearest bank branch, register yourself along with submitting the KYC and get approval for an offline payment facility.

You want a hassle-free route should register your ID for that. Visit the online their official site, fill the details and share registered email ID. So that send your login ID or password on that mail.

American Express is the best financial service provider bank in the market. They can give all types of services. You can travel, shop, dine and do whatever want to along with getting extra cash back, reward points, gift vouchers, and more privileges.

Well, we talk about AMEX credit card payment option. Below provide you option select any of the methods and pay.

AMEX Credit Card Offline Payment Method

Cash Service: It’s not mandated to use only online services, where you feel comfortable you can choose that way. For cash service, should visit the bank’s counter and fill the deposit form. After that, they give one slip as proof.

Cheque Service: Fill the blank cheque as per the bank’s requirements and drop it to the ATM box.

AMEX Credit Card Online Payment Method

Net Banking Service: For net banking should have a current or savings account in the same bank. You can link the site and make a payment anytime without any hurdle. To use this service means to save the time and secure too.

Mobile Banking App Service: Net banking or mobile banking app are same but login with the different ID. For mobile banking should download or install the site. After installation, link with a savings account. Now you are avail to make payment all credit cards bill without late fee charges.

Autopay Service: This service can work as per the name. The bank can set standing instruction with the current account through autopay service and pay the bills automatically. They can cut the amount as per the bill date and send confirmation mail on registered email ID.

NEFT Service: National electronic fund transfer is the best way when don’t have the bank account in the same bank. Simply use NEFT service add payee account number or amount.

When you are using the payment services that moment also need customer care toll-free services. For that need to dial their number from your smartphone and clear your queries immediately. Their toll-free number 1800 419 3646. You can ask features related, discounts, cash back or anything doubtful.

It’s not the end of the AMEX services they can provide customer care facilities according to your ease. You can call, text, or write an SMS. For all types of communication, open with a different registered IDs. Everything depends on your flexibility. Choose the one service and clear your doubt within seconds. The executives are always available by 24*7.