An easy to follow guide to buy the best bed sheets

Purchasing bedsheets appears to be a simple and straight-forward task on the surface but it is far from that. Many things should go into consideration when purchasing bed sheets. The overall look is a pretty important factor that plays a vital role in our decision, but it is not the only thing on which you should base your decision. 

The quality of the fabric, thread count, weave, and size is some of the other factors that ask for your thorough consideration. We are not going to overcomplicate things we will only talk about some of the basics of all these things to make sure you compare your choices wisely and make a smart choice. 

 Check the fiber details

When it comes to fabric you should always look for 100% cotton items. Cotton bedsheets are affordable and soft and to top, all of it gives a premium and luxurious feel. You can also go for the Pima or Egyptian for a more durable and softer feel, but keep in mind these are more expensive than the normal cotton bedsheets. If you are low on budget then a cotton/polyester blend is a good option, given it will have a bit synthetic feel to it but it is more durable and wouldn’t have the wrinkling problem. 

Don’t worry about the thread count

Many people have this misconception that the higher thread counts the better the quality. But, these days many companies are using techniques that can increase the thread count without any increase in quality. So, you should always go for the 300-500 thread count range as it will give you the right combination of strength and softness. 

Some sheets are in the 200 thread count range but these are not as comfy and going for the bedsheets with over 500 thread count is just overkill as there are no apparent benefits. 

Know the weaves 

Sateen and percale are the two most commonly available weaves options in the market right now. Percale has a crisp and light feels to it due it its grid-like weave while satin has a silky smooth feel. The choice is all yours it all depends on your personal preference. 

Measure the size

For the most part, the standard king or queen-size bedsheets available in the market don’t take into account the depth of the mattress. So, you should always measure the size of your bed and the mattress. This is vital in case you are shopping for bedsheets and carpets online. 

So, these are some of the common basics of the bedsheets that you should keep in mind while purchasing bedsheets. If you are purchasing online then make sure that the website has a good return policy, so that you can return or replace the bedsheets in case something goes wrong. 

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