Apple to launch iPhone SE with high Cuts on Prices

iPhone SE

Excellent performance, best camera, huge support and manageable features make cheaper iPhone an attractive choice. 

Apple has recently announced that it will offer iPhone SE with huge price cuts. Rumors were present about the price range of newly introduced phone. Apple is also going to maintain the classic design, smart touch, and other iconic features in this phone. Stay alert about new Noon Coupon if you want more discounts on this new phone.

 “The 2020 model will boom in market because of its 4.7 inches screen. This phone gives a sensational feeling to users with all other standard applications. We are going to add more features in order to make this phone a symbol of comfort and luxury. The price range is one of the most important factors for buyers. We have decided to keep the prices low because we know COVID-19 is going to affect the purchasing power of our customers” Apple’s spokesmen to media on Friday 1, May 2020. 

The price of new iPhone SE will be £419. What about the variants? Apple will launch the phone in two different variants. The only different will come in internal storage. Would like to buy the best variant at lower price? Visit right now and explore wide range of Noon coupon codes and deals. 

Specifications of iPhone SE 2020:

As mentioned above, it offers a large display of 4.7 inches with HD Retina. This display is supported by a strong processor of A14 Bionic. Apple is consistent to add 3 GB RAM in both variants in order to offer a great experience. However, the phone has operating system of Ios 13 but it comes in 64, 128 and 256 GB.

Excellent Digital Photography:

Apple makes every phone with some striking features. This time, it has added a special high power camera with OIS feature. There are two cameras front 7 MP and rear 12 MP. Users can enjoy digital photography with excellent pixel results. The photo and video quality will not be less than any professional camera. 

Excellent Connectivity Features:

iPhone SE offers several connectivity choices. The most important features include ESIM, LTE and NFC. The phone also has Bluetooth, GPS, Lightning and Wi-Fi 6.  Connecting your new phone to a new network or any device is easier than ever. It is all because of the interesting connectivity upgrades. 

Fully Water Resistant:

Buying an expensive phone that is sensitive to humidity and water is a terrible mistake. Would you like to avoid such mistakes? It is suggested to consider the iPhone SE 2020 as it comes with a fully water resistant cover. Its casing is 100 % secure and it lets the users operate the phone even in the rain. offers the users striking benefits. Those who take interest in Apple products should find a Noon coupon at this platform. Finding this verified coupon supports to enjoy higher cuts in prices. It means that buying the new phone for 2020 is even easier and affordable for Apple lovers. 


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