Aspects to Ponder on Before Posting a Youtube Video on Facebook

Aspects to Ponder on Before Posting a Youtube Video on Facebook

Perhaps the most important thing that comes to your mind when you want to post a video is increasing your word count. You don’t need every video that you create to be a roaring success, because it solely takes one to build a loyal following, and with these tips and tricks, you can increase the chances of that happening.

Optimize Your Platforms

Different social media platforms have varying sensibilities. Optimizing the content for each one would take too much time and effort, so you must be effective with your video posting in order to make the biggest viral effect.

As the second largest video hosting website on the internet, utilizing Facebook is a no-extremely important for any marketing team that’s looking to gain popularity. But what’s popular on Youtube won’t compulsorily be popular on Facebook. The first thing you have to ensure is that visitors to your Facebook page obtain a full-screen view of your video post, and not merely a Youtube link. Check a youtube to facebook thumbnail generator online and create a thumbnail of the size you want it to be. Facebook supports natively hosted videos by promoting them in their search rankings. Native videos can also make complete use of Facebook’s proprietary features such as autoplay and captioning. Next, use a Facebook video tool to get your Youtube video into the appropriate format.

Keep it Brief

Optimizing for duration can be difficult if you’re posting on both, YouTube and Facebook. Generally, the most watched videos on Youtube are longer than the most watched Facebook videos. However, the calls to action like the messages in the video asking viewers to like, share, subscribe or comment, tend to appear at somewhere near the 30-second mark in most Youtube videos, which is coincidentally the perfect length for a successful Facebook video.

Keeping that in mind, you should probably decide to set your video length to less than a minute to perform on both platforms effectively. As always, remember to convert your YouTube videos using a youtube to facebook converter, before posting to the social network.

Look to Generate Emotions

A research survey looking into the fundamental characteristics of successful advertising campaigns revealed that the ads which created the most impact on businesses were those which developed consumers’ feelings towards the brand.

Whether you’re looking to incite the feelings of awe, fear, anger, anxiety or laughter, a substantial response is needed if you’re going to expect viewers to click, share and give feedback on your video. Of course, in order to be truly effective, these emotions have to blend well with your brand’s image somehow.

Make it a Community Event

In this modern age of social media, interactivity is not only desired but also expected. Almost every company, if you note, has a dedicated social media employee on his duty, which is to engage with followers and answer feedback.

One of the smartest things you can do is utilize this social media feature to summon user-generated content for your own viral video marketing efforts. By including messages and content directly, from your customers, you need not worry about targeting a specific audience or tailoring a message.