Back Pain During Pregnancy: Causes and Treatments

Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy implies that your baby is growing inside there. That’s good news and it’s pretty normal to have back pain. However, sometimes it gets so difficult for a to-be mom to carry two bodies with back pain. Mostly, it can happen during the second half of pregnancy. Fortunately, there are solutions to this. Let’s know what actually causes back pain during pregnancy.

Causes of Back Pain during Pregnancy

At the sacroiliac joint, when pelvis meets your spine, it can lead to back pain. Here are a few common causes that are responsible for back pain:

  • Increased Weight: Women tend to gain weight around 30 pounds throughout a healthy pregnancy. The pressure falls on the spine as it has to support the weight. As a result, back pain may occur. 
  • Changes in Hormone: There is a body hormone called relaxin which basically produces during pregnancy that allows joints to relax and get looser while birth process. It can lead the ligaments to pain and instability as well. 
  • Changes in Posture: Pregnancy changes the core of gravity. As a result, you may start to change your stance and the manner in which you move. It can lead you to strain or back pain. 
  • Emotional stress: When you are stressed, it can likewise take place as back spasms or back pain. During stressful moments of your pregnancy, you may experience increased back pain. 

Treatments for Back Pain during Pregnancy

If you never have a chronic backache before pregnancy, your pain is supposed to go away right before the delivery of the baby. However, there are approaches that you can approach in order to lower your back pain. Let’s know what are them. 

  • Exercises: When you do exercises regularly, it will likely boost flexibility and strengthen your muscles. Cycling, walking, and swimming are one of the safest exercises for women who are pregnant. Consult your doctor for recommended exercises that involve tour abdomen and back. 
  • Posture Improvement: It’s supposed to reduce your back pain if you try to improve your posture while sleeping, working, or sitting. To stress off your back, you should sleep with a pillow on your side between your legs. Use back support while sitting at a desk. A back compression belt is also very helpful for posture improvement. Get one here: HTTPS://WWW.HALOHEALTHCARE.COM/DR-HO-2-IN-1-BACK-DECOMPRESSION-BELT/
  • Cold and Heat: Cold and Heat application also helps to reduce back pain. Putting frequent cold compresses on the painful area is effective. Also, you can put a hot water bottle or heating pad. But, never apply heat to your abs while you are pregnant. 
  • Chiropractic: Chiropractic manipulation can be taken as a treatment for back pain during pregnancy, but only on doctor’s prescription. 
  • Counseling: If the reason for your back pain is emotional stress, then you can go for counseling or talk to a trusted friend which will make you feel better. 

Back pain is a normal issue during pregnancy. However, if you experience any major issues such as rhythmic cramping pains, severe pain, and difficulty while urinating, you should call a doctor immediately. After all, it relates to the health of your baby and you have to play it safe.