Basic Maintenance to Keep Your Garden Looking Great

Trimming Trees

When you own a property, you know how important it is to make sure that you keep up with maintenance work for a comfortable and safe living environment. While the structure and interiors of your home will require your attention, if you also have a garden attached to the house, this area will also need to be taken care of properly. A messy garden can reduce a property’s value and spoil its curb appeal, so make sure you are keeping up with these basic maintenance tasks.

Getting Rid of the Weeds

This can be a tedious task, but weeds will spring up quickly if you’re not careful. It’s much easier to go around your garden and pull out the weeds once or twice a week rather than letting them grow, and this task then takes you hours to complete. You can purchase tools to help you pull tough weeds out of flowerbeds or from in between the cracks in your paving stones and brickwork. Investing in good weedkiller sprays or powders to mix at home is also worthwhile, although this might not be the best to use in pots or flowerbeds in case you risk killing your other plants.

Trimming Trees and Hedges

You should also make sure that you are trimming your trees and hedges at least once a year to keep them tidy. Pruning can also help to promote growth with these plants, so it can help to make your garden more vibrant and luscious, too. It might be worth hiring a professional to trim your trees if you aren’t confident climbing to these heights while using heavy tools, as this will be a much safer approach to this task.

Cleaning Decking and Patios

Dirt will build up on paving stones and wooden decks over time, and you would be amazed and how much of a difference using a power washer can make. While these tools are excellent at blasting off stubborn dirt from these surfaces, if you want to be more gentle on your paving stones and grouting, then look for more specific tools for this, like the ones sold at

Treated Wooden Fences

If you do have wooden fencing around the perimeter of your garden, or even hardwood decking, then you will need to treat this at least once every few years with a wood sealer. This will help the wood to last longer, particularly as it has to endure changes in the climate throughout the year. If you choose to paint your fences, you might find that touching up the paint once a year can help them stay looking attractive. 

If you have garden walls instead of fences, these will still need to be maintained if you want them to remain structurally sound and effective. If you see issues with the brickwork, consider hiring a bricklayer to fix the problem for you.

If you have a garden attached to your property, make sure you are keeping up with basic maintenance, so it stays looking great.

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