Bathroom Cleaning Tips and hacks for best and quick Results

Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Are you looking forward to some great cleaning tips and hacks that can help you in keeping your bathroom clean and tidy? It’s time for you to become a little bit clever in cleaning your bathroom effectively.

The thought of cleaning your bathroom might tense you to quite some extent if you are not aware of the best practical ways to clean it. Are you thinking that by using a sponge or any other equipment will help you in making your bathroom clean and tidy? That’s not the case all the time. So, stop freaking out and use these essential tips that will make sure that your bathroom is properly cleaned.

Demisting the mirrors and cleaning it with the help of shaving foam

If you are not aware of the fact that shaving foam can serve the best in cleaning the mirrors of the bathroom, then it’s high time for you to start researching it.

Using your shaving foam for cleaning the mirrors in your bathroom will help you in stopping them from fogging up all the time. Whenever you are using your bathroom, it’s quite evident that your bathroom is filled with steam. Therefore, what you can do is spray a bit of shaving foam on the mirrors, use the kitchen rolls for polishing it, and then use a dry cloth to clean it. You can then enjoy a gleaming and a stream-free mirror that will last up to a time of at least three weeks. You can also use bathroom cleaners to keep your bathroom clean and odor-free all the time. 

Cleaning the shower screen with tea and oil

You can use oil and tea to clean the shower screens that allow it to glow more brightly than it is shining now. If you love using natural remedies for cleaning purposes, then you must use a delicate cloth by pouring it in the black tea and then rubbing it on the shower screen or the mirror. Once you are done with rubbing the mirror or the shower screen, you can then use a dry cloth to clean and buff it.

Alternatively, you can also use cooking oil by pouring the cloth on it and then rubbing the mirrors or the shower screens. Once rubbing is completed, you will have to allow the oil to sit on the object for about 10 minutes and then rinse it with soapy water. Once you have washed the object, you can then buff it and witness the shiny or glowing look of the object.

Clean the windows of your bathroom with vinegar

Simply mixing about a part of white vinegar with rubbing alcohol, and then spraying it using a bottle, will help you clean the windows to a great extent. For getting better effects on the windows of your bathroom, you can try this method of cleaning during the chilly days when there is no direct sunlight falling on the glass of the windows. You can buy fine microfiber cleaning cloth for buffing the windows once you have rubbed it using the alcohol mixture. This will give the windows a shiny look and ensure that all harmful bacteria are washed away.

Banishing mildew on the curtains with bicarbonate of vinegar or soda

Allowing the curtains of your shower to dry out entirely after you are done with your shower will restrict the mould and mildew to hold onto it; however, if your bathroom is suffering from condensation in any way, it will be difficult for you to clean it. Therefore, what you can do is wash the curtains every week and allow it to dry out completely before you start putting it on.

If the mould and the mildew are taking hold, then it’s time for you to use smart techniques to clean rather than buying a new one. You can add bicarbonate contents of soda in the washing powder that you are using and then put it in the washing machine at a temperature of about 30-degree centigrade. Then, wait for it to reach a stage where the rinsing starts. Just before it starts, add about half-a-cup of vinegar to it. Once the rinsing is finished, wait for the curtain to dry out completely. It’s one of the best and effective ways to clean your bathroom curtains appropriately.

Cleaning the toilet with the help of Bicarbonate of Vinegar

Bathrooms can quickly look grotty and untidy if you don’t clean it once in three days. You then tend to search for the chemicals that can be used to keep the toilets clean. Why not try something unique? What you can do is prepare a mixture of bicarbonates of soda and vinegar, and then pour it into the toilet. Use a toilet brush to clean the areas in and around the toilet by pushing the mixture into the areas beneath the rim. Once you are done with cleaning the toilet using the brush, allow the mixture to remain steady in those areas for about 15 to 20 minutes. Before flushing, give it a final scrub and thoroughly rub it again. You will see that the toilet appears to be cleaner and tidier than before.

Making the sink look like a new one

Porcelain sinks are known for their self-cleaning features; however, you can also give it a few scrubs now and then so that the stains don’t stay for an extended period. You can also use the methods of cleaning as it is mentioned above by using the mixture of bicarbonates of soda and vinegar.

Use indigestion tablets to unblock slow drains

If you are seeing that the sinks are draining slowly in your bathroom, then you must have to determine where the blockage is. Usually, the hair and dirt are the leading cause of causing blockages in the bathroom. What you can do is use indigestion tablets to clear the blockage and then pour a cup of vinegar into the holes present in your bathroom. Don’t use the bathroom after pouring vinegar into the pits for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then, pour a kettle of hot water into the holes and repeat the same every single time you are cleaning your bathroom.

These are some common effective ways that will assist you in cleaning your bathroom every time and ensure that it’s away from harmful bacteria-causing severe diseases.