Battle of The Greens: How Are Course Equipment Transforming the Landscape of Golf?

toro golf course equipment

Do you aspire to recreate the same lush, manicured essence of a golf course to your private lawn? Whether you’re a toro golf course equipment superintendent or a golfer, maintenance of the turf greens. Best in business, the John Deere golf course equipment is easy-to-use, helping you deliver impeccable results throughout the equipment life-cycle. From reel mowers to turf equipment, you need reliable brands with cutting-edge technology for persistence. However, the golf course equipment for sale can vary to sync with your landscape features, terrain type, and facility size. 

What Are The Different Turf Grass Species? 

There are various types of golf course grass. Some do well in hot coral climates, while others flourish in cooler settings. Yet, some grasses thrive only in a specific soil type. Therefore, before searching for a “john deere turf dealer near me,” it is essential to classify your turf grass requirements. 

If it all sounds confusing, we’ve classified different types of golf course grass fit for your climate and overall environment. 


A common warm-season grass, the Bermuda turf grass grows thick and lush, and it can resist abuse without drying out too fast. If you live in a tropical climate setting, we recommend planting Bermuda for lush green courses all year long. 

Furthermore, Bermuda is a low-maintenance grass. Light daily watering is enough while the grass is still young and established. Water twice or thrice a week, once the course is established. 


Zoysia grass is a warm-season grass heavily grown in a professional sports setting. It retains the green color much longer than the bermudagrass. In addition, the deep roots of this turfgrass provide the water-conserving ability and resistance to drought. 

If you’re looking for low-maintenance and hard-wearing turf for the course, then Zoysia is an ideal choice. 


The rye turfgrass is the best cool-season grass and does well in coastal climates with moderate to cool climates. However, with extreme resistance, rapid germination, and lush aesthetics, the grass requires full sun exposure to flourish. 

Unlike the dense Zoysia grass, rye is soft to the touch, making it ideal for sports lawns. We advise mowing your rye turf between 1.5 and 2.5 inches high. 


The bentgrass is a cool-season grass variety exclusively used in golf greens. With deep green, velvety and dense volume, the bent spreads fast and helps form a grass-like carpet. 

The creeping bent is a popular golf course grass variety. It flourishes in humid climates, is the depth of color, tolerance, and climate. However, the shallow root system requires frequent watering and special mowing techniques. 

What Equipment is Required to Maintain a Golf Course?

Keeping a golf course immaculate all seasons round is no easy task. However, various essential tools and equipment are needed to keep a golf course looking and performing at its best. 

Here is a list of equipment and types of machinery required to maintain a golf course throughout all seasons. 


If there’s one piece of machinery golf operators and superintendents can’t do without, it’s a mower. With a wide array of turf selections, we know that finding the perfect mower can be challenging. However, each mower serves a specific purpose following your property’s size, terrain, and climate.

The john deere golf course mowers for sale are available in manual and motorized models. 

When maintaining a large commercial area like a golf course, proficient operators and high-quality pieces of machinery are two essential requirements.  

Some of the most common mowers include-

Riding Green Mower- In standard, these mowers are used to mow greens in a quicker, more economically feasible way. However, with recent technological transitions such as floating cutting heads, triplex mowers can achieve the same cut quality as walk-behind mowers. In addition, the triple cutting units are often used to mow tees and approaches. 

Green Mowers- The traditional gas mowers are not only loud but inefficient and harmful to the environment. Green mowers help you achieve the highest quality of cut with low carbon emissions. However, a riding mower gives a better quality cut, weighs less, and gives smaller mowing strips concerning a riding mower. 

The John Deere golf accessories manicure the turf with the common goal of reducing carbon footprints and noise pollution. 

Fairway mower- Also known as a self-contained reel mower, is a large piece of equipment designed to mow large areas of grass efficiently. These mowers consist of 5 cutting units and are designed to handle various terrains. However, in bent and rye turf, we recommend using fairway mowers to mow roughs when set at a higher height of cut. 

Trim Mower- The trim mowers mow obstacles such as bunkers, trees, greens, or water features on the golf course. Some trim mowers consist of shifting cutting units that can move from side to side, allowing the operator to mow steeper slopes safely. The Jacobsen golf course equipment delivers to all your turf requirements. 

Backpack Blowers 

Also known as leaf blowers, they quickly remove leaves, grass cuttings, and other debris from the course. There isn’t a more efficient way to keep a large course free of debris than a backpack blower. For persienetance over a long haul, we recommend cleaning, changing the oil and conducting a frequent maintenance check over the course of time. 

Bunker Machines

Smoothing out the sand bunkers can be as challenging as maintaining the greens. The bunker machines are small vehicles with three wheels and a large rake on the back, leveling out the sand as you drive. Alternatively, a groundskeeper can use hand rakes for small bunkers swiftly. Used john deere golf course equipment bunker machines to smooth out the turf without causing damage to the roots.  

Aeration Equipment

Aeration in a golf facility is an essential part of turf management in keeping the green looking good and persistent. The process of aeration helps relieve contraction as a result of foot traffic. Furthermore, it allows air and moisture to advance into the surface, creating a smooth, firm, and healthier turf. 

Greens Rollers 

Often used with mowers, the green rollers accent the quality of the green and surfaces. The rollers are moved to and fro over the greens, which helps create a smoother surface. This simple process enhances the turf quality and escalates the speed at which a golf ball travels. 

Rollers also help to decrease dry spots, allowing more moisture to penetrate the turf. Furthermore, it fosters seedbed preparation growth and reduces weeds, moss, and algae. 

Spraying Equipment 

Sprayers are needed on a golf course to apply liquid fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals. A premium quality spraying product does not only deliver results with precision but also saves the environment. 

Cutting Equipments 

The lush greens are the main focus of the golf course. Yet, there are shrubbery, weeds, and other unwanted plantation growth that require maintenance. For immaculate greens and dealing with problems arriving over time, cutting tools like chainsaws or loppers is necessary for every golf course facility.  

Utility Vehicles 

Most of the machinery mentioned above is too heavy to move. Utility vehicles carry, tow, and move these heavy pieces of machinery, saving you a lot of time and money in the long haul. 

Manual Tools 

With well-trained staff, you also need appropriate tools for the best performance of the lush greens. In addition, there are various small jobs associated with golf courses that require manual tools. Here is a list of basic tools essential at every golf facility. 

  • Hedge trimmers 
  • Measuring trimmers
  • Shovel 
  • Flashlight 
  • Moisture meter 

These tools keep the courses well maintained and improve the playing condition of the course. A team of skilled groundskeepers and tools guarantee an impeccable 

How to Choose The Right Toro Golf Course Equipment? 

Before you spur dollars on a new mower, think about your particular requirements, like the shape of your topography or what type of mower suits your turf the best. Then, weigh the advantages and disadvantages and whether the toro equipment syncs in with your needs and budget. 

Automated Vs. Manual

To begin with, decide whether you want automated or manual equipment. 

For instance, if you shop for suitable turf mowers, you’ll notice, fundamentally, almost all lawnmowers fit into two categories; rotary mowers and cylindrical mowers. However, the mode of functionality can differ from manual to automatic. 

An acre constitutes 43,460 square feet. If your course measures above that threshold, you’ll want to get a manual mower. Working on a 1/4 acre stretch of grass with a 22-inch walk-behind mower can run you rugged. 

For lawns from ¼ acres to two acres, we recommend a rear-engine automated mower or residential duty zero-turn mowers. Anything more than two acres, consider choosing a commercial-duty zero-turn mower. 

Selecting the Features

Once you’ve decided what suits your requirements the best, two factors will steer your mower expedition- your budget and comfort. The more you invest in maintaining golf course equipment, the more durable, versatile, and efficient results you will observe. 

Over a small and simple yard, a wide array of features don’t make much difference. But with larger and more complex turf, the more research you need to make while selecting mower features.

Reels vs. Rotary – What mowers do golf courses use? 

Golf is an expensive sport. Everything needs to be perfect for lush greens, from trimming the turf to the ranking of sand bunkers and more. From playing clubs to balancing the pristine standards of the turf greens, the right John Deere golf course equipment can save you from spurring hundreds of dollars. 

With the wide array of turf selections, we know that finding the perfect mower can be challenging. However, each mower serves a specific purpose following your property’s size, terrain, and climate. When maintaining a large commercial area like a golf course, proficient operators and high-quality pieces of machinery are two essential requirements. 

In the market, you will find two major mowers based on mechanisms for your turf maintenance expeditions.

Reel Mowers  

Reel mowers intend for closed and precise cutting of grass without rendering any injury to its roots. With the traditional mechanism of grass mowing, the reel mowers are available in manual and automated models. The mowing equipment at homes and parks also has reel mechanisms.  

The reels are the blades aligned in a helical structure of cylindrical attachments. A reel mower is ideal for trimming the grass with the structured helical blades fixed into a horizontal position. Usually, the reel mowers incorporate 5 to 7 blades to attain the desired turf quality. 

Rotary Mowers 

The rotary mowers work like a chopper that horizontally cuts the grass on your turf course. These mowers trim the grass in the vertical direction with a swift speed compared to the reel mowers. However, these mowers are only used for maintaining backyard greens and rough. The rotary mowers are automated and easy-to-operate with electronic and fuel-supporting engines.  

We recommend you try to trim grass more closely to avoid causing damage to the roots. Faster and more efficient than a traditional reel mower, you can spot these pieces of machinery in your neighbor’s backyard. 

While choosing any john deere greens mower model for sale, ensure the adequate comfort facilities, seating arrangement, and a cool top canopy essential for long hour work. Before spurring thousands of dollars on a new turf mower, examine the capacity of running 3-5 blades at a time.  

Is Toro a good brand?

With sales of more than $2 billion in fiscal 2013, the Toro company is a leading provider of innovative turf, landscape, rental, and outdoor lighting solutions. Toro extends to more than 90 countries through strong relationships of integrity and truth. Since 1914, the company has built a tradition of excellence around several strong brands to help customers with golf courses, residential properties, agricultural fields, and more. 

Through a series of reliable dealers, TORO commercial equipment offers quality used machinery, reputed customer service, and support like no other. In addition, the TORO offers an exclusive selection of irrigation products that are renowned around the world. 

From commercial grade sprinklers, water-saving valves, to controllers TORO company has swiftly become the leader in turf management. 

The golf course equipment comes with a price, usually ranging from $1,200 to $10,000. But you don’t need to spend a fortune to get an efficient mower. The John Deere Golf equipment is well built with a good fit and offers excellent turf performance.

We recommend the sustainable John Deere green mowers for mower requirements if you want to shave a bit off with the carbon emissions.  

Even if playing clubs are off your table right now, contours for consistent green and immaculate cuts hurt nobody! 

Happy Golfing!