Best Flowers & Fruits to Include While Preparing The Invitation Hampers

Best Flowers & Fruits to Include While Preparing The Invitation Hampers

Modern customs have largely done away with formal invites and dowdy party favors. These days, it’s not just the invitations and the presents that the happy couple wants to stand out from the crowd. We understand how difficult it can be to wait until you have the perfect wedding invitation gift figured out. 

So, to aid you in your quest, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite unusual gift sets, including invitation cards. If you’re bored with the standard options, have a look.


An easy-to-make homemade hamper is an excellent present for anyone on your list. A fruit basket can be made for a few dollars by purchasing a basket from a dollar store, filling it with fruit, wrapping it in saran wrap, and topping it off with a bow.

Fruit baskets sold at upscale gift shops can be expensive. A beautiful fruit basket can be made home for less than $5 in about 5 minutes. Or you can also buy Fruit Hampers online at the best prices. 

Go to a dollar store to pick up a cheap, empty basket for your homemade fruit arrangement. The plain wicker baskets are commonly available for a buck each at dollar stores. If the baskets aren’t available at your local dollar store, you can acquire them for even less money from a craft store.

Choose hard fruits that won’t mush when you cut into them. When I want a basic basket, I fill it with apples, oranges, and grapes. Make it more fun by using apples of varying colors. Mango and kiwi are two further examples of tropical fruits that can be included. Please don’t throw in soft berries; they’ll mess with their juices. You should stack the more delicate fruits higher and the harder ones lower. Always put the grapes on top so they don’t get squished.


Floral invitations provide a lot of options, which is another perk. Some couples may opt for more understated invites like those with a single petal, while others may wish to go all out and cover the card in a riot of color and beauty.

Types of Flowers for your Invitation Hampers

  • Peony

Flower shops employ a range of peony colors to create beautiful arrangements that let you specially convey your emotions. Some common peonies properly depict love, luck, and success. Wishing the happy couple a lifetime of love and joy with a bouquet of peonies is another attractive option.

  • Daffodil

Daffodil blossoms are greatly sought after when creating a bouquet because of their unparalleled beauty. The abundance of daffodil flower bouquets for gifting on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas is because daffodils come in various colors and are perennial flowers.

Because of their extra burst of freshness, they are also one of the most popular choices for use in floral arrangements. Daffodils are hardy flowers that won’t wilt immediately and will stay fresh for days if you change the water in the vase daily. Adding liquid plant food to these standard bouquet flowers could extend their vase life by as much as a week.

  • Rose

You probably thought this flower would be mentioned as the go-to option for a bouquet. Indeed, you are correct. Indeed, roses are the most popular choice for bouquets. The beauty of constructing bouquets with roses is that their many hues have symbolic significance, making it easier to convey one’s emotions. For example, a red rose bouquet is commonly used to declare one’s love, whereas a yellow rose bouquet is often given to express friendliness.

These flowers are readily available and quite beautiful, which are two more reasons for their widespread use in bouquets. This beautiful flower is quite sophisticated, and the trend of giving a bouquet of roses as a token of affection shows no sign of abating.

  • Gerbera

You may find gerberas in a wide range of hues. A bouquet of Gerberas could symbolize several various things depending on the type you choose. Because of this, florists frequently use gerberas while making bouquets for special events. Gerbera daisies are a great way to brighten up a party and cement your friendships and bonds with those you’re celebrating with.

  • Orchid

The exotic allure of Orchids has led to their widespread inclusion in floral arrangements. Thirty thousand varieties of this flower exist, each with its symbolic significance. For a tender expression of your feelings, consider giving a box of orchids as a gift. This floral arrangement is well-liked and often given as a gift.

  • Lily

There is a wide variety of lily varieties and species. The most unusual of these flowers is the calla lily. Lilies, without a doubt, are one of the most sought-after flowers in the world. Many sizes, colors, and forms are available. A bouquet of orange lilies is a fiery choice for a romantic gesture. White lilies are the perfect flower to send when you want to be discreet. One of the most common flowers used in floral arrangements, lilies are typically given as a token of deep devotion or a sign of profound modesty.

Customized Cookies and Chocolates

Including personalized treats like cookies and chocolates with your wedding invites is a great way to show your guests some love. Who could dislike these delicious snacks? If you want to add some pizazz to your invitations, consider including some sweet treats. You may even go the extra mile and have the gift wrapped in your unique style.

If you’re looking for the perfect present for a chocolate lover, go no further than something with a chocolate flavor, regardless of how fancy or pricey the present is. The chocolate tart completely won us over invites printed on soft cotton paper, and we do not doubt that your guests will feel the same way. Sending a basket of personalized chocolates alongside a wedding invitation will make it stand out from the crowd.

Closing Remarks

Think about the theme you want to set for your wedding and the reception location when deciding what to include in the gift baskets. A rustic barn, a backyard garden, or a chic loft—where will you exchange your vows? Floral invitations are typically more romantic and conventional, but they can easily be updated to fit the theme of a more recent event. Also, think about the time of year your wedding is taking place; if possible, it’s ideal for including seasonal blooming in the invitation so that everything flows together nicely.