Best Health Drink for Child Growth – Dos and Don’ts while Selecting

Children are super active for the most part of the day and as parents, their health and nutrition is of utmost importance. When it comes to ensuring adequate and appropriate nutrition for children, besides balanced meals, protein drinks are a great way to supplement. However, choosing the best kids protein drink can be a tricky task. It is therefore important to understand what is a protein shake in the first place.

Protein shakes are health drinks that are used to supplement everyday food intakes to ensure that one gets an adequate amount of protein along with other vital nutrients.  These can be had with milk or water. People often wonder if protein drinks can be given to kids and if they truly are the best health drinks for child growth.  

The answer is – yes, protein drinks can be given to children provided they are age-appropriate and are bought keeping their allergies in mind. More on the buying dos and don’ts has been given below. 

Today there are numerous options available if you want to buy a protein shake for Kids. Among these, a name that stands apart is that of Gritzo SuperMilk. The brand offers some of the best health drinks for child growth, which are also exceptionally tasty.

All Gritzo Protein Shakes for Kids are carefully formulated to provide age-appropriate nutrition. Every ingredient used to curate the drink is of premium quality. 

Why opt for protein shakes for kids

Let’s talk about what makes it essential for you to provide the best health drinks for child growth. Children need proteins to help their bodies grow. A good Protein Shake for Kids helps in the formation of muscles, normal functioning of hormones, enzymes, and also boosts your child’s immune system. It helps in keeping your child enthusiastic and fresh. 

Gritzo is one of the topmost essential brands which offer the best drinks for your child. Their health drinks contain high-quality proteins. 100% of whey proteins are used to formulate the shakes. Gritzo drinks are increasingly rich in vitamin D2, D3, and calcium. These also help in your child’s brain development, along with increasing your kid’s height and stamina.

How to select a good protein drink for kids?

As a parent, choosing the best for your child is always a priority. This is why when you are choosing to buy from the best health drinks for child growth, you need to keep certain dos and don’ts in mind. 


  • Always choose a drink according to your child’s age as protein shakes have varied ingredients for different age groups. 
  • Avoid taking protein shakes, which include artificial flavors in their ingredient list. Always opt for a health drink with only natural ingredients.  
  • Always opt for whey protein shakes as whey protein is obtained from pure cows milk. 
  • Please consult your child’s pediatrician before giving them any protein shake. 
  • Check for allergens if any in the ingredients.


  • Do not give your child an assumed amount of protein shake as anything in excess may be harmful, or anything less might not help your child’s growth. 
  • Don’t fall for false ingredients labeled on the pack as extra vitamin probiotics or richness in sources.  
  • An adult protein shake can be injurious for your child’s health. 
  • Eliminate the use of shakes containing caffeine (like cocoa, coffee, malt, and so on)
  • Please don’t fall for the advertisements where they show your child’s additional growth by giving them such brand products.
  • Don’t opt for shakes with added sugars, or flavours.  

These are some tips that will come in handy while purchasing Protein shake for Kids. A good shake for your child makes a massive impact on their growth. An adequate amount of protein should be given to your child for a better lifecycle. 

Keeping all the vital elements in mind, Gritzo is the right and smart choice to buy the best health drinks for child growth. It understands your child’s need and offers three distinct child drinks according to the age groups, which are: 

  • Super Milk Active is for kids belonging to 4-7 years of age group. 
  • Super Milk Young is for kids belonging to 8-12 years of age group. 
  • Super Teen Athletes for kids belonging to 13 and above years of age group. 

Try Gritzo and see an evident change in your child’s overall fitness and energy levels.