Best tips on iPhone power button repair

Your iPhone power button is wedged and you don’t know what to do. The power button is one of the most vital buttons on your iPhone, so when something goes wrong, it can be a significant load. You’ll require some tools and parts in order to repair your iPhone. More recommends using only superiority and genuine parts from a trustworthy supplier like Electronics repair.

Let’s see some tips on iPhone power button repair

  1. Before you start any repair, always power your iPhone down completely using the Slide to power off Easy sufficient right?
  2. To begin, use your safety screwdriver to remove the two screws in the bottom of your iPhone that sits on either surface of the dock.
  3. Now put your suction cup above the Home button and quietly pry up from the bottom. Take care not to pull the entire screen off as the top of the screen is still fond of by several cables. You only desire to release the bottom portion. Once the screen is free, swing up the shown assembly so you can get to the shield that is holding the cables in rest.
  4. Using your ##000 screwdriver, eliminate the three screws holding the display shield down. Set the shield aside and remember not to merge up the screws.
  5. Start by taking away the two screws shown in the photo below. This shield covers the series connector itself. Use your #000 screwdriver for this.
  6. In order to eliminate the battery, start at the top left corner and put your gap tool between the casing and the battery. Gently start exciting upwards. You should hear glue start to crack. Now slowly move your tool around the absent side of the battery and gently pry upwards a little at a time. Each time you should hear more glue cracking.
  7. Remove the port connector shield by removing the 1 screw holding it in rest. Utilize your #000 Phillips screwdrivers for this.
  8. Start at the peak of the logic board by removing the two screws holding the top gray shield in place. They are located to the left of the camera meeting. Once you’ve removed the two screws with your #000 Phillips screwdrivers, you can eliminate the shield. Note that it may still be tucked on the side of the camera so just be confident you don’t bend or tear it when removing it.

Create by reconnecting the round Wi-Fi connector at the apex. The easiest method to do this is by holding the logic board sideways and reconnecting it. Even though you experienced the power button in terms of hardware, it’s still good quality to test it afterward to make sure it’s working correctly. Perform these steps to entirely test it. Test your volume buttons and silent switch and make sure they’re performance since they are on the same cable as the power button. This is the method of cheap iPhone power button repair.