2021 BMW M3 Offers More than Aesthetics

2021 BMW M3 Offers More than Aesthetics

Some cars come with designs that would awe everyone around it and 2021 BMW M3 is one of those cars. The exterior and interior is flawless and offers numerous luxurious aspects that make it one of the best cars to drive around in a city. 

However, what most miss is that the M3 is more than just looks as it has powertrain that would impress anyone like its design does. If you want to get a test drive and check out the vehicle for real then you should step into BMW dealership near Paso Robles

Check out what makes this automobile more than just aesthetics!

1. Powertrain of M3

This sedan is equipped with inline-six twin-turbo 3L engine; the standard version would produce a colossal 473-hp and torque of 406 lb-ft with RWD drivetrain. It is mated with manual six-speed transmission as it is the only option offered. 

Nevertheless, people looking for more power under the M3’s hood always go for the Competition version where the engine is capable of generating 503-hp and torque of 479 lb-ft and paired with automatic 8-speed transmission. Though for now standard option is RWD, BMW plans on offering AWD soon. 

Standard features include flexible brake-pedal and adaptive dampers for a smooth ride quality that every BMW car offers. Additional features might include carbon-ceramic brakes along with gold-painted cool calipers, and more. From pulling off striking drifts and more, the M3 showcases its ability on the road without any issue. 

Manual gearbox’s satisfying shifts to engine’s smooth and quick delivery of power is nothing short of impressive. Also, M Drive package should be a must bought along with M3 for the ideal riding satisfaction. In addition, mileage offered by M3 is 23 mpg (highway) and 16 mpg (city), which is at par with its rivals in this automobile category. 

The powertrain detail of M3 is more than enough for people to understand that it is more than just aesthetics. The performance, engine capacity, suspension, smooth ride quality, comfort, and more are just what people mean that 2021 BMW M3 is more than just looks. 

2. A little about the aesthetics and price tag  

Like it was mentioned earlier, the M3 has an exterior and interior styling that would make everyone awestruck instantly. Be its glossy paintjob, large distinct front grille and headlight or the luxurious interior design; every aspect of this vehicle would make people want to get their hands on it. 

Also, loaded with technological features like infotainment system, connectivity, etc. mean that it has everything that you require inside a car. Also, it spacious interior and outward visibility makes it one of the best luxurious sedans you can purchase when visiting BMW dealer Paso Robles.

Two trims are available M3 ($70,900) and M3 Competition ($73,800). Depending on whichever powertrain is more suitable, you should get that. Experts recommend getting the M3 Competition for the additional features that might be missing from M3. 

Therefore, as you can see it is more than just aesthetics, all you need to do is visit the dealership and book it quickly.