Bully Sticks for All Types Of Dogs

Bully Sticks for All Types Of Dogs

Dogs love to chew and would be interested to be given chewable items so that they can remain engaged all the time. Bully sticks are just the perfect items that can be given to the pet dog. These sticks are prepared from beef and often are referred to as dog chews or treats, created from pizzle or penis of bull. Hence, the stick is full of muscle and is completely safe for the pet dog. Different vendors have emerged in the market creating a variety of such items, which has become a craze among dogs of all types and breeds. It is sold frequently loose in bins and dried for consumption without cooking. Most vets are said to be unaware as to what body part is being used for the preparation of bully sticks. In case, the label states ‘chewy treat’ then it is definitely the bull’s penis. A good number of buyers are taken by surprise with this particular revelation. However, soon they get used to the fact that their dog is simply fond of it and find them to be irresistible.

It’s preparation

When for human consumption, cattle get processed, the penis or pizzle is kept aside with the other parts and prepared as dog treats. Lungs, gullets, trachea also become treats! Although such parts are mentioned clearly on the packets, it is known as odor-free bully sticks. Penis of the bull measures around 25”. It is cleaned, hung to dry to allow draining off the fluids. Then, it gets stretched to around 40”, divided into small sticks. The standard size of the sticks is around 6” to 12” or between 4” and 30”.

How to store them?

Bully sticks can be stored in zip bags to be reused repeatedly. It can also be preserved in the freezer to provide it a long shelf life as well as to enhance its hardness. 12” piece can be given to the dog and the remaining part of the half-chewed piece kept in the freezer so that it is given the next day once it becomes hard. It will be kept fresh in the freezer. It is better avoided to be kept in the open since it may be contaminated by insects.


They can be a full cane, braided or curly in shape or appear like rings or pretzels.

It’s usefulness

  • These are amazing for the dog’s dental health.
  • They ensure that young dogs and puppies are kept busy chewing something good and reliable. This way, the dog will not chew on newspapers, curtains, footwear or anything that they generally come across. Since it does take a very long time for the chewing purpose, the sticks will make them busy.
  • They are created 100% from single natural ingredient, not containing any filler and also are an excellent source of protein.
  • There is no danger of embedded bones in it as it is made from pure muscle.
  • Chewy bully sticks can help discipline the dogs.
  • As they are naturally made, they can be used fresh for a long time when compared to other chewy products such as manufactured bones.

Hence, those who love their dogs are sure to offer them this wonderful treat.