5 Nubs to Be Prepared with in 2018 to Buy a Home in 2019

5 Nubs to Be Prepared with in 2018 to Buy a Home in 2019

Going at half-cock to purchase your new home in a country like Singapore could bring you one of the most hellish experiences of your life. So better get clued up before stepping out on a hunt for your new home – it’s the only best approach that you can get in on the act when planning to own a new home. You know, you are living in a real estate market where estate agents hustle buyers with their sales talk. Instead of being under an estate agents’ spell and allure of showflats in Shunfu Ville, Artra or anywhere else in Singapore, it’s better to follow your nose when on the search for a new abode.  There is no such thing here that diminishes the role of a showflat or an estate agent. An ideal estate agent could, in fact, be the key of your foray to help you grab the right deal for your new dwelling.

Buyers always seem to be lean and hungry to be a proud owner of a grand and sumptuous house. But, as a buyer, we recommend you prepare the ground before you get a move on to buy your next house. Forewarned is forewarned; so gird yourself and better do your homework in the wake of buying your next property. If you have a plan on your mind to be endowed with your own house in 2019, there are certain things to be accomplished and to be careful about in 2018.

In order to aid and abet you to buy your new home in 2018, we are presenting all nubs and essentials to be watchful about:

  • Plan Your Budget in Advance

No matter how small or big house you want to live in, pull in your horns. Square the accounts and make sure that you have already paid or received all the money that you owed or others owed you. It’s crucial to step ahead with a cut and dried budget plan when buying your dream home in the affinity at Serangoon.   

  • Save as Much as You can

“A Penny saved is a penny earned.” Though banks can loan up to 80% of the net price of your prospective home, you will require to make up for the remainder with your own cash. Conversely, you can borrow from someone or loan up the remainder as well, being in a hole is not the right approach when buying a new house. So take time to save some bucks to assist your purchase.

  • Watch It – What You Credit Score is Saying

Bank has nothing except a healthy credit score to be assured about a customer’s worth. Be it’s a customer’s reliability or his repayment capability in case of a loan, credit score says a lot about a customer’s banking history. So make sure that your bank account is not in red and you are making on-time payment of your EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments) of any product purchase or any other existing loan.

Buyers find prestige in owning a grand and lavishing house and it’s of course, no less! You may want a luxurious living room, a big yard, a swimming pool, and a beautiful landscape all around. Great stuff. But, you need to focus more on what you actually need than what you want so that you can bag the desired home on a budget – cheap and cheerful.  

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