Changes in tge team and how it resulted

Changes in tge team and how it resulted

Pakistan cricket team has always been under steaming arguments whether it’s because of the way they perform or the way they take pictures or when it comes to their fitness. Many of our long term favourite players from the team have disappointed us big time but sometimes the new talent has surprised us big time.

In the mid of 2019 Sarfarz was removed from the team’s international captaincy and replaced by the veteran player Azhar Ali. which resulted in a great backlash from the cricket fans. The PCB and its criteria was largely criticized. Azhar Ali was selected as the test captain and Babar Azam as the T20 captain. It was also said by some sources that the Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted the veteran player to stick to the test captaincy.

When the squad was announced Sarfraz’s name did appear in the team members list but the cricket lovers did not see him play during the recent test matches against. On the other hand Azhar Ali has led the team to a number of victories such as the test series against Srilanka and Bangladesh. But recently the team lost against Australia and England in the test series.Coming to Babar Azam, under his captaincy the team has shown a mixed result. Babar stated on his selection that he wants to adopt the PM’s style of captaincy. Where Misbah ul Haq has appreciated Babar Azam for his capability to deal with the expectations , Muhammad Hafeez has schooled him to reorder his batting list and that babar should play in the midline which will help him improve his skills.

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Under Sarfraz Ahmed’s captaincy the team has faced a few failures but majorly the team has shone brightly. Still his leadership has been under question by many. But he has also been one of the favourites. Despite the fact that Sarfraz is loved by millions and people did react to him not being the captain and not playing, Sarfraz had congratulated both the captains on their selection and wished them luck.

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