Chase Stokes Tattoos: A Guide to the Outer Banks Star’s Ink

Chase Stokes Tattoos: A Guide to the Outer Banks Star's Ink


Chase Stokes Tattoos-Chase Stokes, the star of Netflix’s Outer Banks, is known for his many tattoos. His collection includes a variety of designs, from small and delicate to large and intricate. While Stokes has not shared the meanings behind all of his tattoos, some of them have special significance to him.

Tattoos with Special Meaning

  • “Love, Joan” dove tattoo: This tattoo on Stokes’ right shoulder is dedicated to his late grandmother. It features a dove with the words “Love, Joan” underneath in her handwriting.
  • “Mom” tattoo: Stokes also has a tattoo of the word “Mom” on his bicep, encircled by a heart and arrow. This tattoo is a tribute to his close relationship with his mother.

Other Notable Tattoos

  • Playing card tattoo: Chase Stokes Tattoos of a playing card on his right forearm. The card is the ace of spades, which is often associated with luck and good fortune.
  • Bottle tattoo: Stokes also has a tattoo of a bottle on his right forearm. The bottle is surrounded by flames, which may symbolize passion or danger.
  • Dice tattoo: Stokes has a pair of dice tattooed on his right arm, just below the playing card and bottle tattoos. The dice are a popular gambling symbol, and they may represent Stokes’ adventurous side.


Q: How many tattoos does Chase Stokes Tattoos have?

A: Stokes has at least 12 known tattoos. However, he may have more that have not been publicly revealed.

Q: What is the meaning behind his “Love, Joan” dove tattoo?

A: Stokes got this tattoo in honor of his late grandmother. He said that a dove is a symbol of someone watching over you, and the message is in his grandmother’s handwriting.

Q: What is the meaning behind his “Mom” tattoo?

A: Stokes has a close relationship with his mother, so he got this tattoo as a tribute to her.

Q: Where are most of Chase Stokes’ tattoos located?

A: Most of Stokes’ tattoos are located on his right arm. He has a few tattoos on his left arm as well, but they are not as visible.


Chase Stokes Tattoos-Chase Stokes is a stylish young actor with a diverse collection of tattoos. His tattoos reflect his personality and his values. Stokes is clearly proud of his tattoos, and they are a part of what makes him unique.