Chiropractic Treatments For Lower Back Pain

Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic care may be the solution if you’re looking for a way to relieve lower back pain. Chiropractors use different techniques to treat back pain or neck pain, including manual therapy, spinal manipulation, and X-rays. However, there are also other treatments available.

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation has improved pain relief for patients suffering from low back pain. This technique works by restoring material in the disk between the vertebrae and relaxing the muscles. It may involve mind-body interaction and the “laying of hands.” In addition, it can involve a trusting relationship between the patient and their chiropractic provider. More than 200 different chiropractic techniques are available to treat lower back pain.

This treatment is relatively safe, especially when done by a licensed professional. However, some patients may experience muscle stiffness after undergoing this procedure. Individuals with osteoporosis, inflammatory arthritis, or spinal cord compression should not undergo this procedure. Additionally, people with cancer should seek the advice of a healthcare professional before undergoing spinal manipulation.

Research has also shown that spinal manipulation can improve function. Patients reported having less pain when walking and less difficulty turning over in bed. These results may indicate that spinal manipulation is a beneficial treatment for lower back pain.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is a non-invasive treatment for lower back pain. It combines manual manipulation and exercise. The therapist may place pillows on the patient’s lower back to support the lumbar spine and elevate the head end of the plinth to place it in a position of relative extension. The therapist may also apply pressure to the transverse processes. This technique is derived from a concept developed by Brian Mulligan.

Many chiropractors know the importance of a healthy lifestyle and take a holistic approach to health. This means they will prescribe lifestyle changes, including exercise and better nutrition. They may also recommend massage and hot or cold therapy. Lifestyle changes are critical because stress and unhealthy habits are the leading causes of illness.

Manual therapy is effective for both acute and chronic back pain. The technique helps restore movement to stiff joints and helps reduce muscle tension and spasms. Patients can expect soreness after the treatment, but the pain is usually not severe.


Surgery for lower back pain can be a viable option for various conditions. It can relieve chronic pain that prevents an individual from performing daily tasks. The first step is to seek an evaluation from an experienced physician to determine the exact cause of the pain. A conservative approach may be necessary before surgical treatment if the doctor suspects a mechanical problem.

Studies show that patients with lumbar spinal stenosis should try physical therapy first to reduce symptoms. This can be done through various methods, including epidural steroid injections. In addition to these nonsurgical treatment options, research is underway at HSS on molecular therapies that can slow or prevent degeneration of the spinal discs, a common cause of chronic back pain.

Spinal fusion is another treatment option for low back pain. A minimally invasive procedure, spinal fusion involves stabilizing metal rods and screws into the bones. The procedure can be performed through few-inch incisions and improve patients’ quality of life.

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