Choosing the right yarn for your socks | The Sock Yarn Guide!

Knitting socks is one of the most loved knitting projects for everyone. It, in fact, has been said to be addictive. Here, in this sock yarn guide, we are going to list some of the best yarns that one can choose to knit a sock. So, let’s begin – 

What are the best sock yarns available in the market? 

Below, you will find the best yarn for knitting socks. So, if you are planning to start knitting socks, it is important that you have the right kind of yarn to do so. Most of the people who love knitting would agree that knitting socks allow one to explore different colors and stitch techniques. In this guide, you will find out some best yarns for your next sock knitting project. 

What is sock yarn?

Before we start discussing what are the best yarns for knitting socks, we need to talk about what sock yarn is. As per the American Yarn Council, sock yarn is one of the superfine categories of yarns with the symbol 1. Basically, sock yarn is usually knitted on small needles such as 2.25mm or US needle size 1-3. 

These types of yarn are known for different thicknesses and yarn weights. Where some are bulky there some are wasted weight. These yarn types are perfect for knitting bed socks and outdoor socks (especially when you go hiking). 

Things to consider before choosing your sock yarn

There are several different factors that one should consider before choosing a sock yarn. Here, in this section, we are going to discuss these factors one by one. 

i) Leg hugging socks –

Most people love to wear leg hugging socks that are not floppy and a little tight. This is why you should always consider choosing a tightly piled & less yielding yarn. 

ii) Easy to clean –

Another thing that you need to know before selecting a sock yarn is that you need to wash it. This means you need to avoid the yarn that gets discolored with regular washing. It is in fact wise that you choose a sock yarn that is okay with the one that is washing machine friendly. 

iii) Thickness –

Thickness is one of the factors that one needs to consider when it comes to selecting a sock yarn. Most people often use thin and lightweight yarn to knit socks. But it is completely a personal choice. 

These are some of the factors that one needs to consider while choosing the sock yarn for your next sock knitting project. With so many options available, it is wise that you know what to look for while selecting the right yarn for your socks. 

Final Words 

At the end of this guide, we just hope that you got all the information you needed. If you are planning to get started with the sock knitting project, it is wise that you consider all these factors before selecting the yarn for your project. You can check the ultimate collection at Yarn trader to get the best offers on sock yarn.