Comedy Theatres in San Francisco for Mind Therapy

Comedy Theatres in San Francisco for Mind Therapy

If you consult a psychiatrist for mental health relief, the very first thing the doctor will recommend is to have more giggles and guffaws. Thanks to every comedy theater in San Francisco for helping the audience to overcome mental stress. 

Laughter is a Powerful Medicine

When you laugh, it triggers your health and has a good effect on emotional changes. Laughing is also introduced in a yoga asana (body posture) to regain positive emotions. Therefore, it boosts immunity, diminishes emotional stress, and shields you from various chronic illnesses. Watching a stand-up comedy show is a great way to connect yourself. You feel delighted and let go of all the anger & frustration due to mental stress. 

In contrast to adults, children are very stress-free. They relish every moment of their lives and share a number of laughs with their sweet little companions. This is one of the reasons that children have more strong immunity than adults. There are a number of popular comedy shows in San Francisco that give you tons of opportunities to seek humor & laughter. 

How Can Comedy Theatres Impact Your Health? 

➤Your Whole Body Feel Relax

In psychology, it’s believed giving 30 to 45 mins of your day to a healthy lifestyle impacts your body in a good way. For instance, watching a comedy show on TV can result in a reduction of physical tension and stress. Thus, leaving your muscles relaxed. Then why not try a live comedy show during weekends to have a whole great week ahead. 

➤Boosts Immunity

As mentioned, laughter increases the immunity power. With more laughter, stress hormones come down and increase immune cells. Perhaps, your body has the ability to fight infections.

➤Triggers the Release of Endorphins

Endorphins maintain the overall body and also eliminate temporarily relieving pain. Our central nervous system & pituitary gland release chemical messengers (endorphins) to balance pain & pleasure. So when you laugh, you are actually releasing endorphins.

➤Laughter Protects Your Heart

Attending the comedy clubs in the city will improve the function of your blood vessels and increase blood flow. Therefore prevent the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular problems.

Laughter Burn Calories

Laughing exercise for 10-15 mins can burn approximately 40 calories. That means you can lose three or four pounds over the course of a year. However, it’s not a replacement for your workouts. Now guess how many calories you can burn by attending the comedy events? Of course, it will be more!

➤Control Anger

If you’re habitual to attend comedy events or watch comedy broadcast shows, you’ll see a miracle in your mood. You’ll start taking things easy & light on your head. You will be more on the funny side rather than being like a fury bear. You have control over your anger which strengthens your relationships. 

➤May Blessed With Long Life

When you feel relaxed and have a positive attitude towards life, you’ll experience a healthy life. As laughing improves your health, it may bless you to live longer. Turn your nightlife in San Francisco with many happy & giggling moments. You can find phenomenal comedy theatres at night to grab many moments of laughter. 

Final Views

Hardest times can be removed from your life only with happiness. As said, it’s only light that diminishes darkness. Similarly, laughter is considered a great therapy to overcome immense tension in your life. It not only improves physical health but connects you internally. You feel alive with great memories and remove the dark moments gradually. Attending comedy shows can be your mind & body therapy.