Common Health Issues That You Need to Be Aware of As You Age

Common Health Issues

As you age, you will be susceptible to more health issues than you were when you were young, and you must be aware of these, no matter how small they might seem. By being aware of them, you will be able to stop them in their tracks and maintain your full health for longer. So, here is a guide to some of the most common health issues that you might get as you age.

  • Eyelid Problems 

Although you might think that people only get eyelid surgery for aesthetic reasons, this is not the case. Excess skin around the eyes can droop as you age, and the muscles supporting your upper eyelid might not be as effective as they once were. This extra tissue might then begin to droop and obscure your vision, leaving it difficult for you to see clearly. Therefore, if this is the case, you should consider getting eyelid surgery in Atlanta, as this will help you to restore your vision regardless of how old you are. 

  • Back Pain 

Even if you have never experienced any back or neck pain before, this is increasingly more likely to occur as you get older. There are many causes of back pain in seniors, such as osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis and this can leave you in pain, especially in the mornings and after a period of exercise. Therefore, if your back pain is age-related, you should consider attending a physical therapy appointment and doing mild exercise. You should also consider applying hot or cold compresses to the area and resting, especially after you are physically active. 

  • Cognitive Issues

You might start to show signs of cognitive issues as you get older, especially in terms of your memory and following instructions. However, this is not always something to worry about and is seen in a lot of older adults. If these cognitive issues do begin to become more serious, though, you might have Alzheimer’s or dementia, which worsen over time and can lead to poor judgement, confusion, severe memory loss, and mood changes. If you have minor cognitive issues, you should try to keep your brain active and engaged, for instance, by doing puzzles and brain games, eat a diet filled with omega-3 fatty acids and exercise more. 

  • Hearing Loss

Many people worry about their hearing as they get older, and this can stop them from joining in at social events and can mean that they have to turn the volume up high on their televisions, for instance. So, if you have noticed that you are starting to show signs of hearing loss, you should get a hearing aid fitted, as this can allow you to follow conversations more easily and to have an overall high quality of life. There are now many types of hearing aids, some of which are less noticeable than others, and may be a good option for those that are self-conscious about the look of hearing aids.