Concise guide about bariatric surgery

Concise guide about bariatric surgery

If you are an individual who is suffering from excess weight problems, it is better to turn over to obesity or weight loss surgery. It has gone on to become a popular option when traditional methods of weight loss like exercise or diet have failed to yield the desired results. When any of these methods tends to fail there is a possibility that you do not lose weight or gains the weight that is lost. If you are suffering from excessive weight then problems like stroke or heart diseases could emerge at any point of time as well. This is a silent killer and along with diabetes is going to be one of the major diseases to look out for in the days to come as well.

This is a surgical procedure which is performed on people who are facing the challenges of excess weight. With an implanted medical device the size of a stomach is reduced or a portion of the stomach would be reduced as well. It works out to be an ideal procedure for someone who is morbid obese. Most people would have tried off with diet or exercise but the necessary results would not have emerged. Doctors go on to examine a person in a fully manner to confirm the fact whether he is a candidate for weight loss surgery or not. In case the patient is not willing to under the pre surgical work or exercise then the doctor is not going to recommend you for the surgery. Ideally you should be morbid obese which means that you need to be overweight by 100 pounds in case of a man and as far as a woman is concerned it needs to be 40. Coupled with the fact there are some other points which a surgeon is going to evaluate to figure out whether you are a candidate for weight loss surgery

  • Age- weight loss surgery is performed for individuals who are in the age cap of 18 to 50 years
  • Weight- If your weight happens to be twice that of your normal weight then you are a candidate for the procedure
  • Medical- You is not suffering from any form of medical conditions like hormonal imbalances or any diseases. It would also mean that there is no treatment for any disease in the current situation as well.
  • Commitment- there is a commitment on the part of the patient to change their lifestyle habits or make necessary changes to their diet as well
  • Addiction – There is no form of addictions to any form of drugs or other substances.

If all the above-mentioned criteria are fulfilled then you are a candidate for weight loss surgery.

Bariatric surgery cost in India is on the lower side and one thing for sure it happens to be a life-changing procedure. This needs to be considered after a lot of thought as not only at a physical level, mentally you need to be ready for the surgery as well. Be aware of each and everything about the surgery.

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