Crypto Trading Terminals: 10 Best Advanced Systems

Crypto Trading Terminals: 10 Best Advanced Systems


Cryptocurrency is a trending digital investment making people rich. But strategy, skills, and knowledge are essential to succeed in this field. Also, a reliable trading platform will help you achieve your goals. How about trading terminals? Are they the same as exchange portals? Let us explore this topic and unveil more about advanced systems you can use for cryptocurrency trading.

What Are Cryptocurrency Trading Terminals?

Managing various exchanges and crypto coins can take significant time. Imagine the headache of going through different sites and managing usernames and passwords. Also, juggling multiple windows can be confusing and challenging. A trading terminal can help you save time and trade more peacefully from one place.

A terminal aggregates the data from different exchanges and provides a single interface to manage your trades. For beginners, you can start your investment on Finixio AI, a Bitcoin niche exchange platform. In this blog, you will discover the ten best terminals with advanced features to help you succeed in cryptocurrency trading.


1. Coinigy

This tool is a multi-exchange trading platform with numerous features for advanced traders. It connects you to over 45 exchanges worldwide, including Binance, Kraken, and Bitfinex. Also, it has in-built candlestick charting and order books. Plus, you can set up price alerts and access market news. You will pay no extra charges apart from the subscription fee based on your trading needs.

2. TrailingCrypto

This advanced system has more than 2,000 assets listed on 50 exchanges. It allows you to trade directly from the charts and set up custom alerts. Also, target-stop features enable you to automate your trades. Use the target-stop calculator to manage your risks and take profits. The smart-order execution system finds the best prices for you.

3. Altrady

This terminal is a one-stop solution for managing your trades on different exchanges. It has an in-built portfolio tracker to help you rebalance your portfolio and measure your performance. The trade analyzer tool lets you know about your winning and losing trades. You can also use the social media tracker to follow the influencers in the industry.

4. Delta

Delta is a portfolio tracker that also offers some trading features. It connects to over 30 exchanges and has more than 6,000 assets listed. The sophisticated interface makes it easy to monitor your portfolio and execute trades. It also has an in-built newsfeed and price charts. You can use the Delta app on your mobile phone as well. This app also helps you trade in stocks, ETFs, Indices, and mutual funds.

5. Shrimpy

This terminal is designed for portfolio management and automated trading on 16 exchanges. The social trading feature lets you copy the strategies of top traders. Use backtesting to test your trading strategies before implementing them. Portfolio rebalancing helps you to keep your portfolio diversified. Also, you can use the Shrimpy Universal API to collect and analyze data.

6. Cryptowatch

Do you want detailed features to trade on Kraken, Bitfinex, and Coinbase Pro? Then go for Cryptowatch. It offers an advanced trading interface. More than 20 indicators are available for technical analysis. You can also use the order book and draw on the charts. This platform primarily features BTC, but more assets are available at your convenience. The mobile app makes it easy to track your trades on the go.

7. TradeSanta

This platform offers an easy way to automate your trading strategies. It connects to exchanges such as Upbit, Huobi, OKEx, BitMex, Bittrex, and HitBTC. You can use bots to trade on a web interface or the TradeSanta mobile app. Mirror trading on the marketplace allows you to follow the strategies of other traders. You can also backtest your bots before putting them into live trading.

8. Aluna Social

What do you think about following the strategies of top traders and copying their trades? Aluna Social allows you to do that. It has an in-built newsfeed to help you follow market trends. Also, you can set up price alerts and use the chatroom to connect with other traders. The social trading feature lets you copy the successful strategies of others.

9. 3Commas

This terminal offers an easy way to automate your trading strategies. It connects to exchanges such as Binance, Kucoin, BitMex, Huobi, and CEX.IO. You can trade with bots using a web interface or the 3Commas mobile app. The advanced features include a trailing stop-loss and take-profit. You can also backtest your bots before putting them into live trading.

10. CryptoHero

Newbies in cryptocurrency may find it difficult to trade on different platforms. CryptoHero is a web-based terminal that simplifies trading on multiple exchanges. It offers an advanced charting interface. You can also use the bots for automated trading. The backtesting tool allows you to test your strategies before implementing them. Moreover, the portfolio tracker helps you to monitor your performance.

Summing Up

Investing in cryptocurrency is risky, but it can be profitable if you know your way. Diversifying your investment across different assets is the key to success. Also, you should regularly monitor your portfolio and rebalance it according to your risk appetite. Automated trading tools can help you to make the right decisions. Choose a terminal that meets your requirements and start trading like a pro.

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