Decor Inspiration for Your Family Home


Summer is a great time to make changes to your home, as the nights are longer, and the weather is warmer. It makes replacing windows a lot easier when you have the sunshine coming in, and painting the walls is a quicker job when the walls dry fast and you can wait outside in the garden while they do.

If you are looking for inspiration for making some changes to your house, then this piece will offer you some great ideas for summer. Read on to find out more!

1.Refresh The Children’s Bedrooms

Children grow up so fast, don’t they? This often means that they are left with rooms that don’t reflect their personalities anymore. Of course, there is more than one thing to consider here. It is expensive to redecorate a room, especially every time your child grows a little and suddenly has a new favorite color! However, if it has been a long while, you might consider decorating their room to be a little more reflective of them, even if it does mean everything has to be painted black.

Have a chat with your children and discuss if they would like an affordable room makeover – having a space where they are comfortable in their home, will offer them loads of benefits, which will be valuable for everyone.

2.Get Out in The Garden

The garden is an extension of your home, and a great place that your family can enjoy together, as long as it’s well maintained. If your garden is resembling more of an unkempt jungle, or you find there is not a significant place for you to sit all together, you might want to focus on rejuvenating this important space. You can do anything, from getting some nice patio furniture to sit on, buying a fire pit to keep warm and toast marshmallows, or if you are really looking to splash out, why not consider an eco garden room from

An eco garden room is the perfect addition to any family home, as it keeps you in the shade, gives you an escape from the house (especially if it’s too crowded or noisy), and allows you to be around nature.

3.Add New Accessories

Accessories are an excellent part of sprucing up any room, and can change its whole look and feel without you having to do anything dramatic.
For example, a brand new carpet can cost a pretty penny, but a large rug can cost a fraction of the price and could still give you the outcome you are hoping for. This goes the same for decorative and useful items, such as bed sheets, or aesthetically pleasing fixtures, such as paintings, photographs, or changing the color of your furniture.

These can all make a significant difference to how the room looks and feels, which can create a brand new vibe for everyone to enjoy. There are tons of new décor trends coming in for 2022 if you need more ideas!