Different Types Of Construction And Aerial Lifts

Aerial Lifts

There are several types of aerial lifts are there, namely boom lifts, forklifts, scissor lifts, and others. They are available for different purposes, but the aim is universal, that is, they help workers to reach at a certain height to do any constructive work.

This way, the process becomes much more accessible, it does not require extra, and it also saves time. These machineries are mainly used in big warehouses, but they also serve several purposes in many big companies such as window glass cleaning and more.

Some companies may rent it; however, investing in one of these machines is always a good option if you have a warehouse or related business.

Telescopic Boom Lifts

It is best suited for highly-specialized work like tree trimming or electrical repairs in which only one worker can handle the task. It has a longer reach, unlike other options. Regardless of high-quality machineries an employer use for his warehouse, it is crucial to provide workers aerial lift certification for higher proficiency and to prevent any injuries.

The designing:

It has a straight arm that is connected to a freely rotating turntable. This type of aerial lift has typically a small bucket that can stand one person at a time. They are accessible with an electric operation and solid tyres for internal use and inflated tyres for rough exterior purpose.

Telescopic Forklifts

As the name implies, it features a telescopic boom lift with a traditional forklift so you can use the forks to lift at ultimate heights. It is also known as telehandlers, specialized in extendable boom lift assembled with a lifting attachment.

One of the new qualities of this forklift is upward and forward movements that make it an effective choice for construction projects that require moving items in complex locations.

Industrial Forklifts

It features an upward lift that is used in moving items vertically. These lifts often characterize durable pneumatic tyres and provide support of up to 36,000 lbs in weight. They are commonly designed for indoor use within warehouses or big industrial projects only.

This might be helpful in a few finishing traces inside your building. You will find many forklift manufacturers selling this one because of its versatility.

Rough Terrain Forklifts

It is used to move heavy building materials and other related items over rough terrain.

The team present at the construction site often uses this type of aerial lift to move substances around the area. They can travel long distances, effectively containing items from one end of the construction site to the other; however, there are some possible challenges in the terrain also there.

It is structured in a way that it can perform fantastic balance and intense lifting. It can typically lift items to 21 feet, and transfer loads of 8,000 pounds and the forks themselves are convertible. You can move them closer and farther as the situation demands to give a stable surface and strong support for items of different sizes.


Boom lifts and aerial lifts include a vast variety of approaches. Whether you are looking for your warehouse or one for your big construction project, you must look for the strengths of each type of aerial lift to select the best one for your requirements.

Starting from the lifts, that lift one person to 12 ft to machines that can lift a team of workers as high as 150 ft, there are so many options you will get with aerial work platforms.