Does Rhinoplasty Surgery Involve any Side Effects?

Does Rhinoplasty Surgery Involve any Side Effects?

Are you not satisfied with your nose shape? If not, it is not a gigantic deal. Many people don’t find themselves satisfied with their face shape, especially their nose shape. Well, what options do you possess if you don’t feel happy about your nose?

Many people are going for rhinoplasty surgery to change their nose shape. People who went and go for this surgery tend to ask many questions about this surgical procedure. They ask whether it is the best option for them or not. Or whether this procedure involves any side effects or not. 

According to the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Islamabad, rhinoplasty procedures also involve some risks of side effects. These surgeons argue that not even a single surgical procedure is free of mild to moderate side effects. Therefore, rhinoplasty procedures can cause some undesired effects.

It does not mean that these effects will always affect you. The chances of these side effects are comparatively low. However, if you are not getting rhinoplasty surgery done by a qualified surgeon, then no one can guarantee the success of this procedure.

Finding and selecting the best rhinoplasty surgeon is a difficult process. If you are going to change the shape of your nose for the first time, then how can you know the efficacy and efficiency of a rhinoplasty surgeon?

Well, you can get help from a person who got rhinoplasty surgery in the past. A person who got this surgery in the past will be more able to tell you about the surgeon effectively than anyone. In addition, you can also check reviews of patients about a specific surgeon who often or regularly performs rhinoplasty surgery.

Side Effects of Rhinoplasty Surgery

As mentioned above, not even a single surgical method is free of side effects. However, a qualified surgeon or a good environment where the surgeon performs the procedure can reduce the risks of these side effects:

1- Difficulties in Breathing

There are two ways of breathing in the human body. You can’t use a single way all the time to inhale and exhale. For instance, you can’t inhale and exhale from your mouth for several hours. Even, it will not be possible for quite some minutes. Similarly, you will not use your nose all the time for taking breaths.

The mouth and nose will remain active all the time to support the process of breathing. While or after getting rhinoplasty surgery, there are chances of damage to your nose. Your nostrils can get more damage due to this surgery and the process of breathing can become more difficult.

After the surgery, if you don’t find effective options for your nose in case of trouble, then the damage to your nose can be permanent. Preventing breathing problems after rhinoplasty surgery will be the key to surgery.

 The chances of breathing difficulties for some days or weeks will remain. But you can reduce these risks significantly by selecting a good surgeon. And after the surgery, make sure that your nose has zero exposure to germs and viruses.

2- Infections

The chances of infections after every wound or surgery are there in every person. However, there are fewer chances of these infections in people with a strong immune system. But sometimes, infections can also affect those who have a strong immune system.

These infections can be bacterial or viral. If a wound or surgery scar has exposure to bacteria the chances are that it will get bacterial infections. In addition, if some viruses reach your wound or surgery scan, then you can face viral infections.

If a wound gets infectious, it can cause many troubles. Even, if they are severe, they can lead to death. The chances of infections during or after rhinoplasty surgery are also there. But during the surgery, if a surgeon is using effective liquids to decompose bacteria or viruses, the chances of infections will decrease.

Additionally, when you come home after getting the surgery you can stay in a room where there is less exposure to bacteria and viruses. And don’t touch your nose with dirty hands as it can increase the risks of infections.

3- Skin Discoloration

You have seen many scars on the skin after surgery. Usually, when a wound heals, it leaves a scar on the skin. And it can take a lot of time to disappear these scars. Similarly, the color of the skin can change after any type of surgery.

You can’t bear it if the color of your nose changes after surgery. Because the nose is the most prominent part of your face. If its color changes you can probably experience an inferior complex. Getting back the natural color of your nose will be a hard task for you as well as your rhinoplasty surgeon.