Dog Collars – Beginner’s Guide To Buying The Right Dog Collar

Dog Collars - Beginner’s Guide To Buying The Right Dog Collar

Dog collars come in a variety of styles, material, colors, and functions. From choker to obedience collar, flea to bark control collars, plain pooch to dog flower collar, there is a wide array of these collars in the market. So, which is the right one for your dog? Choosing the right dog collar also depends on the size of the dog. For example – for a grown up dog, a wide leather band or a prolong collar can be ideal, while for a small pup, a simple flat collar will be enough.

With so many options out there, how will you know which is the right dog flower collar for your dog? For that, you need to look at a few types of dog collars. Have a look.

Different Types Of Dog Collars

The first common type is the buckle collar, in which the collar is fastened with a buckle. Typically, these collars are made of nylon or leather and are either rolled or flat. They are comfortable on dog’s neck, and help to avoid the breaking of hair, which is common in most flat collars.

Then there are quick release collars which somewhat look like flat buckle collars. The clip of these collars is quite similar to the luggage strap and is easy to fasten and remove from the neck.

There are choke chains as well, which are very popular among dog owners. These metal chain links come in different sizes and should be used actively while exercising and training the dog. This type of dog collar is sold by length, so makes sure you ask for proper assistance while purchasing these.

There are head collars as well, which goes all over your pet. Normally, these type of dog collars are used during the training period of your pet. Your dog can bark, pant, eat, drink, and even bite wearing them.

Some dog colors are popular for special occasions like – Christmas dog collar, and many more. If you want a tight lead on your dog then, you should do go strap dog collar, as they will make a good grip. For a small pup, flat buckle dog collar is best, as they provide the right control on the dogs. You can use pinch collars for an aggressive dog.

Different Types Of Dog Collars

What More To Know About Dog Collars?

While choosing a dog collar, make sure you choose one that fits well on your dog. Using an ill-fitted dog collar can be harmful and may even prove to be fatal. There must be at least two finger space between the neck and the collar. Instead of using dog tags which make a clunking sound, you can use a special tag pouch, which is easily available in the pet shops.

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